100 Poems That You’ll Never Read

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February 20, 2019
Out of the Ashes
February 22, 2019

100 Poems That You’ll Never Read: and all of the things you’ll never imagine” by Flowell Poetry

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The greatest book you’ve never read! What if one book could transform your life forever. All of the thoughts and words that you have been dying to share right before your eyes. The desire to be who you want and express yourself and to be understood. I bring you 100 pieces of art. 100 stories.100 tears. 100 smiles. 100 reasons. 100 thoughts. 100 ideas. 100 moments. 100 memories. The book is divided into five sections. Each one offering a unique flow to take you on a different journey to places you could never imagine. Take this soundtrack for your life, this you-filled canvas, and make it your friend, motivation, or inspiration wherever and whenever you need.

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