April 30, 2019

Tae Sung’s Peculiar Life

"Tae Sung’s Peculiar Life: Tae Sung and the Flattened Snake" by Elizabeth O'Carroll (Author), Lucy Lu Baek (Illustrator) 

Tae Sung is just an average elementary school student entering the 5th grade.Or so he thought, until he met his fate looking into the eyes of an injured snake. Tae Sung’s life went from an average everyday kid, to possessing abilities that extend far beyond anything he had ever bargained for.Tae Sung can never look back to the way his life was. His life and the lives of those around him are forever changed.


April 29, 2019

The Warrior Inside

"The Warrior Inside" by Adeniyi A. Osisanya 

The Warrior inside is a motivational book that focuses bringing out the Warrior in every single one of us to help us achieve our goals. This book addresses One of the key factors that holds us back from achieving our goals. One of the the major factors that hinders us from achieving our goal is the war within us, this often times is our greatest imprisonment. Another major factor that hinders us is F.E.A.R - False Evidence Appearing Real. - If your tired of being scared and being less than you know you should be then this book is for you. This book will teach you tools to become a master of your own life. You will also learn how to break free and begin to fight for the things that set your soul on fire. Your time is now, unleash the warrior within.

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April 26, 2019

The Burt Reynolds Road Trip

"The Burt Reynolds Road Trip" by K. Lee Moreau

Lucien has it all. He's brilliant, handsome, talented, young, and devastatingly charming. Born with a natural charisma that radiated as bright as his smile, he's one of those types of people that had the whole world at his feet. He has everything going for him and his whole life to look forward to......that's how his story should have been told. But it isn't. Instead, at the age of 22, Lucien was diagnosed with a rare heart disease that would kill him as a young man. Rather than tiptoe around the rest of his years, he chose to live them even harder. Live hard, die fast, leave a good-looking corpse and all that.When he first asked me to join him on this road trip, I declined. No, I raged at the insanity of the idea. Drive across the country when only weeks before he had been lying on an operating table with his chest cut open? I insisted he should be home where I could take care of him, recovering from his surgery. But he persisted, like only he could. And in the end, I gave in and agreed to go with him...as if I could have resisted him. What resulted was a momentous, life-changing experience that I could never have anticipated.


April 23, 2019

Flight United 999

"Flight United 999" by Enthrallo Vercificus

Flight United 999, “A mesmerising read and a psychological experience that will have you questioning the world as you know it.” Dealing with life can be tough especially when you find yourself in tragic situations. In Flight United 999 you are drawn in by the interaction of likeable characters thrust into a situation that would test their responses when weighed under the pressure of an impending doom. This puzzling fictional enigma largely focuses on the experience of two close brothers from America who are on their way to London for vacation. They board the United 999 and during the course of the flight everything goes south. Just when you think you’ve made sense of the journey as you progress through the chapters, you are hit with more mind boggling findings and outcomes that will leave you bedazzled. Set in a fictional representation of the year 2023, Flight United 999 is a must read for those who crave the mystery of a thriller.