A Brigand’s Heart

March 11, 2019
The 9-Year-Old Hero
March 12, 2019

“A Brigand’s Heart” by Beata Kinsman

A brigand of repute and ill-fame, Wilbur Bertram’s fortune depends on his bravado
and keeping his wits about him. When an encounter with a particularly enchanting
young noble lady from whom he steals something more precious than jewels leaves
him unmoored, Bertram finds that he cannot get her off his mind even though
they would likely never cross paths again. However, in an odd twist of fate,
he comes face to face with Lady Josephine Gersham, the subject of his dreams
and desires. Although Bertram knows that the divide between them is far too
great to be bridged, he is determined to make the woman who has possessed his
heart, his.

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