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December 19, 2019
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December 21, 2019

“AI for All: How AI is Transforming Every Industry (Series 1)” by Utpal Chakraborty

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In the current decade, the world has achieved an enormous amount of technological advancement and skyrocketing progress in mass Digitization, AI, Data Science, and FinTech. In fact, we are currently living in the golden era of AI & FinTech.

With the advent of fast computing speed and low-cost storage for the enormous amount of data that is available for everyone, Artificial Intelligence has become paramount in our daily lives.

Things are changing at a soaring pace in every sector and the banking & finance sector is on the brink of a positive and widespread technological transformation owing to the enormous power and potential of these cognitive technologies.
Technology powered by AI and Machine Learning has seeped deep into the fiber of our modern existence and with its firm foundations in the BFSI sector.

It is only a matter of couple more years when AI would virtually become inevitable for every single business serving those consumers who would like to eat, sleep and breathe digital in every single aspect of their lives.

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