An Agent for Gillian
February 13, 2020
Teaching is Murder
February 17, 2020

“An Agent for Fallon (The Pinkerton Matchmaker Book 60)” by Ginny Sterling

Til’ death do us part…
Fallon Byrne was positive that her fiancé had used every excuse in the book to keep from marrying her. Biding her time patiently, she discovers that the Denver office will hire women as Pinkerton Agents – effectively cornering the man she’s loved for years into becoming her partner and her spouse!

Rourke accepted a job offer of becoming a Pinkerton in the Chicago office while on the run from a looming threat back home. When his headstrong fiancée announced her intention of joining the ranks – he realizes that her destination could split them in two unless he agrees to head for Denver, working for Archibald Gordon.

Can their love endure with demands that becoming an agent entails, or will upholding the law split them apart?

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