“Winning Your Next Car Deal: Your Comprehensive Guide to Buying a Car at the Dealership” by Adam M. Bates

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Have you ever walked away from buying a car knowing that you were stuck in a bad loan?
Do you dread going to the dealership? You are not alone. This ebook will give you the tricks that dealers use that you need to watch out for, plus specific tips so that you can purchase a car and never feel that way again. You may actually cause the dealership to refuse to work with you because you’re taking away too much profit from them – what a concept!

The book will cover what to do before you go to the dealership, what to do and not to do at the dealership, and learn how to negotiate different parts of the deal separately so you can reduce the amount of profit the dealer gets, which in turn lessens the amount of money you have to pay!

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“Trace Letters Alphabet, Handwriting Workbook: Coloring and Numbers Preschool-Kindergarten” by Ann Wallace

This is a trace letters handwriting book for the alphabet and numbers. It is also, a coloring inside the book. Tracing is important to preschool-Kindergarten kids because it builds fine motor skills. Coloring is important because it improves hand-eye coordination. For ages 3-5.

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“Black History Forever: Black Heroes And History Coloring Book” by Ferleen Verneuil-Joseph

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Hello! Are you looking for the Perfect Black History book? Am sure you are indeed! I have the Perfect book for your liking and taste.

This Black history book is Not your typical book but it highlights your favourite Black heroes in celebrating All Black heroes. Not just seasonal, or certain months but it’s Black history Forever!

Get Your Unique Black history Forever Colouring book now! Packed with heroes to colour away, reduces stress, relaxes you while you colour. Suitable for 10 years onwards, Teenagers, adults.

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“The Penniless Sitar Player – A Quest for Love in the Underground of L..A.” by Amy Passantino

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Amy had a 9-5 job, the matching 401k, a home, and then it all vanished in 2008. The economy crashed and she got laid off. Amy did what any nonsensical person would do, she packed her bags and moved across the country to California alone, to embark on a journey no one could have ever prepared her for. At first, she tried to go backwards into what was comfortable; a corporate job, but instead she got sick.

Her healing journey became a gateway toward a sea of penniless artists, breaking her out of a conservative mold, leading her down a path of self-discovery in a tiny L.A. studio apartment. Penniless & broke, she became intrigued with the penniless sitar players, stepping into the “uncomfortable”. She joined what she called the LA underground and became privy to a world that no one ever writes or talks about – it is the land of the artists. Each sitar player she met was a new world waiting to be explored.

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“Botanical Coloring Book For Adults” by RL Smith

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Do you love gardens and nature? Are you looking to have a fun and exciting coloring experience? Are you tired of always finding the same old images? Well, worry no more! The book of your dreams is here.

Our brand new ‘Botanical Coloring Book for Adults’ has been expertly created to provide adults with an experience like never before, filled to the brim with fantastic mandala designs you are sure to have the time of your life!

Could you tell me more about the interior of this book?
– This book features a total of 68 pages
– Each page has been expertly created and thoroughly checked for errors
– Each page is printed on high-quality white paper to ensure the best user experience
– Inside you will find 34 amazing coloring pages all about gardens and nature, the pages are filled with brilliant floral patterns, nature/garden scenes and awesome mandala designs. The images are unique and you are sure to have an absolute blast!
– All this is encased in a unique cover design and an 8.5″ x 11″ size, large-scale and perfect for coloring and having fun!

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“Rogue Sail” by A.M. Furcht

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Jack Hartford is living the frat boy dream, spending spring break aboard the Coral Chorus. The pleasure cruise ship ferries Jack and his fellow passengers through the crystalline waters of the North Atlantic Ocean while they drink to their hearts’ content. Then, one night while deep in their cups, the cruise-goers witness a ship melt from the strange mist that surrounds their boat from nowhere. At first, they think it’s an attraction, part of the ‘show.’ Until it becomes painfully clear, nothing could be further from the truth.

Jenny Hartford refuses to accept the Coast Guard’s ruling that her brother’s ship has been ‘lost at sea’. If they don’t search for Jack, then Jenny will. As she heads to Bermuda, her boyfriend Will at her side, she is prepared to stop at nothing to discover the truth of what happened to her brother and his ship. But, with the closed-lip determination of the reluctant cruise company and the lack of leads, Jenny and Will’s only option is to hire their own boat and head out into open waters themselves. The Angel’s Wing and her passengers float around the infamous Bermuda Triangle, traveling a ‘search pattern’ that feels increasingly futile. When a storm threatens to swallow them, Jenny and the others see haunting images amidst the mysterious fog.

Storms aren’t the only dangers on the sea, and the Bermuda Triangle hides her secrets well. Cursed pirates. Dark waters. Ghost ships, there’s no telling who will make it home from these deadly waters.

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“When Vesta and Hunter Decide to be Brave” by Nora Page

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Her father named her Vesta after the Roman goddess. Will she take from her what is more than just a name?
Can Vesta overcome painful truths and fall in love?
Can Hunter let himself be loved?
Can they both be brave enough to do so?
Or is the time just not right for these would-be lovers?

29-year-old British/Italian Vesta has been through heartbreak she thought would destroy her. First, she faces an illness that leaves doctors pushing her a decision she hates to make. Then she must come to terms with the realization that her deep desire to have children in the future will never come true… unless she can find someone willing to help her before it’s too late
When she moves to London from Rome, she comes face to face with danger and is saved by Hunter that mysterious grumpy guy. Chemistry explodes between them, only to fizzle out when Vesta begs for his help. He’s shocked by her question and lashes out, igniting her anger, and they became bitter enemies.
They part as enemies, but fate has bigger plans for them, and they’ll continue to bump into one another. The question is, will they discover they’re perfect for one another… will they decide to be brave before it’s too late?

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“Create A Beautiful Life” by Jana du Toit

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Why live a mediocre life? In this book, you will find an action-filled transformation process to help you get unstuck, find yourself again and create a beautiful life. Stop the sabotage, fight for your dream, and reconnect with God

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“The Winding Streets Of Kolonaki” by Steve Kerr

It is Athens in  the late autumn of 1973 and the sweltering heat of the inner city is replaced by  cool ,overcast days. The Greek dictatorship has slowly started to crumble and In working class Omonia the Papadopoulos family focus on the student protest at the Athens Ploytechnic while the daily buzz of city life continues around them. Uptown under the watchful eye of the goddess Athena, and a world away from Omonia the residents of the affluent district of Kolonaki,as well as those who aspire to live there, go about their lives  as they walk amid its steep, winding streets at the foot of the imposing , Lycabettus Hill. Through the decades that follow we  encounter among them :Effie the cleaner, Yannis the export clerk, Athanasia ; the aristocrat Elethferia, the millionaire, Cathy the teacher, and Takis the café owner. As  the years quickly pass , oblivious to its children ,the ancient city takes on a diverse course and moves in an altogether different direction: a wandering tale of latter day Athens and its peoples.

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“Melancholic Contentment: A Collection of Poems” by Gen Ponce

Darkness, Whimsy, Grief, Triumph.

Read “Melancholic Contentment” and discover a whirlwind of emotions and ideas. Read the stories of all kinds of characters, real and make-believe, and contemplate their meaning.

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“The Marginalized Passenger” by Steve Nickodemski

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I sometimes question why I would make an effort to sit down and transcribe the very things that caused me so much pain in my life. I would venture to say, probably because it’s somewhat cathartic, and in doing so, maybe I can help others comprehend why they become the way they are and some of the reasons that cultivate this. It’s not entirely our fault; it’s not entirely your fault. We are not born fucked-up. We are created, formed, and molded by someone or by some unforeseen circumstances entirely beyond our control. Damage can be done in a multitude of ways to a child, be it by divorce, psychological or physical abuse, or childhood trauma. It seldom starts with intentional malice. It’s forged by a series of unfortunate events and, in turn, causes irreparable damage, which can and will carry forward to adulthood. I have spent countless hours writing this book in hopes of somehow coming to grips with my father’s death. So many tears and anguish fill these pages. Writing this book has dredged up years of feelings that I had compartmentalized and forgotten about. So, thank you for choosing to read my memoir. By your reading it, I can finally have that voice that had been silenced all these years.

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“The Call From Home” by Anthony Torres

‘The Call From Home’ is an autobiographical self-help book and spiritual manual written by teacher and professional healing arts practitioner, Anthony Torres. ‘The Call From Home’ is book about triumph and spiritual initiation through trial by fire. It details a path traversed through otherworldly darkness, eventually leading to awakening, healing and atoning for the past, and the experience of the Love from God.

While reading ‘The Call from Home,’ the reader will gain insights into:

  • The challenges of being born to a single, drug-addicted mother
  • Overcoming drug addiction, felony drug trafficking convictions, limiting beliefs, fears, uncertainties, and self-doubts
  • The reality of astral entities
  • Spiritual rebirth of Self
  • Renunciation – leaving behind the world to learn the process of awakening and Self-realization
  • The challenges of integrating spiritual growth with the material world
  • Becoming a success against the inertia of past failures and challenges
  • The reality of Angels – firsthand accounts of interventions – and how Angels can guide us and help us heal
  • The Love that The Creator of All holds for us all

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“Stoned In The Afterlife: A Possible Journey, Part One” by Rupert Russel Douglas

Joe doesn’t believe he’s dead. He wakes up after a car accident and is met by two dope smoking beings. As nothing seems to fit with his expectations of death and the afterlife, he believes he’s dreaming. He’s unable to influence or change the fantasy, so he plays along.

His litmus test is to find his wife, who’s been dead for twenty years. If he found her he would know if he was dead or in a coma.

A light hearted journey for a scientist who was never quite sure about what he believed. Is Joe’s mind creating the fantasy just to comfort him, and maybe tell him something important, or is he actually dead, and every afterlife account he ever heard was complete fiction?

This book is the first in a series of gentle, dark comedies. The first book is an introduction, introducing some characters, and concepts. The rest of the ‘A Possible Journey’ story takes Joe through experiences that challenge his beliefs, and the answer to the question ‘Am I dead?’

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“Puppy Potty Training Guidebook” by Roberta Anne

When it comes to puppy training, the fact is that you have Mother Nature on your side right from the start. Where the pups eat, sleep, and dwell, there is never a stench of pee or excrement. When they are old enough, they mimic their mother and learn to use outside places.

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“Be A Great Thinker – Book Two: Socrates: Man, Myth, Teacher” by Adrienne Roth & Matthew Roth

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Socrates was a plain man in both dress and manner. He possessed a sharp point of view that placed him in an unusual and sometimes challenging place in a society that did not appreciate individualism. Yet it was that individualism that made him so special.

Socrates was the teacher of young, receptive men of ancient Athens, Greece, and he was beloved by his students. His students Plato and Xenophon introduced the world to Socrates, as they sought to have others embrace and understand Socrates’s philosophies and concepts.

In book two of our series, Be A Great Thinker, we will examine Socrates’s life and philosophies. We will focus on what made Socrates such a unique and dominant force and how his remarkable life and fascinating death changed the course of western philosophy.

Socrates brought the world a new way of questioning everything. Socrates created critical thinkers through his methods as he embraced individualism. His ideas helped others to live their best life, and his words still resonate in today’s more complex world.

Take a journey into the thoughts and philosophies of Socrates and discover how this great teacher, a man who lived a couple of millennia ago, still has a profound impact on today’s impressionable minds.

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“SSellous” by Wyatt Graves

The story follows a high school student in his afterlife, as a demon named SSellous. Being guided by Lucifer along his journey, he seeks revenge upon the people who killed him in his previous life.

But his previous self still lingers, attempting to hold back the demon he has become.

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“Are You Love Smart or Love Stupid?” by Dr. Rachel Sims

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If you could uncomplicate your love life, would you do it? Well, look no further! Marriage and relationship expert, Dr. Rachel Sims, has written this comprehensive guide to understanding and identifying the limiting and damaging myths that prevent many of us from experiencing fulfilling relationships. In this book, Dr. Sims provides an invaluable source of information, applicable real-life examples, as well as clear and concise takeaways to put you on the right path to finding and keeping love. This book will make you laugh, cry, and come away with a clear plan to uncomplicate your love life!

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“HYPHENED-NATION: Don’t Check the Box” by Nicole Draffen

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Honoree of three prestigious Literary Awards, 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐈𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐩𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐀𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐬 𝐍𝐞𝐭𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤 (𝐈𝐀𝐍) 𝐁𝐨𝐨𝐤 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐘𝐞𝐚𝐫 𝐀𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐝, 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐞𝐁𝐑𝐀𝐆 𝐁.𝐑.𝐀.𝐆. 𝐌𝐞𝐝𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐨𝐧, 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐖𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐒𝐡𝐞𝐥𝐟 𝐁𝐨𝐨𝐤 𝐀𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐬. Hyphened-Nation was inspired by the authors travels overseas, and time spent living in the United Kingdom. Living abroad was an eye-opening experience, she grew to understand certain aspects of American culture better, the longer she lived overseas. This book is about her insights, and experience of being treated as an American, rather than a hyphenated one.
The difference was startling and lead her on a journey to understand why The United States is one of the only, if not the only country, that hyphenates its citizens by ethnicity before nationality.

It is a journey of discovery in understanding that those same boxes we allow ourselves to be placed into as hyphenated-Americans, limit economic, educational, societal, and cultural growth. Her story focuses on ways the United States and our global community differ culturally, and steps citizens can take to create a non-hyphenated coalitional nation.

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“Albcell.1” by Gazmend Ceno

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Albcell is a unique two-dimensional puzzle that inclines the mind to switch back and forth between “separate realities” until the very end. This exceptional quality, which will reward your effort by fighting mental entropy, strengthening concentration, and improving multitasking skills, is what sets Albcell apart by comparison with other logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzles previously published.

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“Eve Awakening” by Rin Taigan

The Woman beings have a problem. An alien merchant race called the Vords are hunting them for their reproductive cells. Not only does this mean abductions and even death for many Woman beings, but also a decrease in their already dwindling population. While in pursuit of a Vord ship, Captain Lorelei Amber of the starship Eve ends up through a wormhole and in a different sector far away from Wom territory. Here, she unintentionally meets a creature only mentioned in their old mythologies: a human. She finds the human, Ethan, disconcertingly attractive, especially his kisses and touches, which are not at all the same as the ones she used to get from her late mother, her sister, or her colleagues. But when she finds out his people are actually the reason why her race is abducted and cut up, Lorelei must choose between the desire of her heart and the safety of her people.

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“Just Yesterday” by  Kenyatta Deloach

“It seems like just yesterday when I walked past a stranger and smiled, they could see my pretty white teeth, and I could tell if they were smiling back at me.”Life is different for everyone these days. Kids especially have weathered a storm of changes. Just yesterday, they were attending fairs, playing sports with their families, cheering them on. As they were told they could no longer do these things. They had to stay home and inside, away from others. Birthday parties were missed, and cousins were only there on a screen. This reminiscent story will tug at the heart while offering a sense of unity for young readers in a poetic and soothing writing style. Just Yesterday will help kids recognize they are not alone in their frustration and loneliness due to the pandemic. Thanks to the memories laid out; they can understand even if it feels as if they are the only ones dealing with current restrictions; they are not. Together let us hope that each day will get better, and our children will look back and say, “It seems like just yesterday; I had to stay home from school and couldn’t see my friends.” Together, we hope they will hug their grandparents, go to church, and dribble across the basketball court with their teammates without masks once again.

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“OVERDATE” by Daniel Kinoshita

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We live in a time of excess. Learning how to curb our devouring appetites can mean the difference between failure and success.

Everything these days is over. We smoke too much, drink too much, work too much. This is all detrimental to our physical and mental health. Yet while this produces lasting negative effects, we often overlook one of the most important tasks we should be doing: spending quality one-on-one time with our partner.

Overdate: People Overwork, Overspend, Overeat and Overdrink but They Fail to Overdate Their Significant Other is an in-depth examination of what it means to cultivate and nurture healthy, lasting relationships.

No matter how long your relationship has been, there is certainty that your level of active participation is slowing down, not from a lack of interest or attraction, but from the slow, natural grind of time and familiarity. This could stem from a variety of reasons, and all threaten the stability of your relationship. Perhaps intimacy has faded. He no longer brings you flowers. The I Love You’s lessen.

All are signs of dating neglect but can be rectified with a renewed approach to dating your spouse or partner. Just because you’re married or have been together for a long period of time doesn’t mean you should stop dating one another.

There is no better time to rekindle your relationship, give it that boost you know you need, than right now. Overdate is built upon the foundations of a 31- year successful relationship, filled with successes and failures, and provides you the tools necessary to start enjoying your partner the way they deserve.

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“My Word of the Year” by Amanda Herriman-Reichel

My Word of the Year is my memoir about goal setting and taking action steps to seek results all in God’s perfect timing! I have applied the practice of having a word of the year to my life since 2017. This concept allows my mind to hyperfocus on one central theme for an entire year. A few years ago, I paired goal setting with my word of the year. This practice has set my journey along a unique path to which I am forever grateful. I started 2021 with my word of the year, “Prayer.” I set three goals; one for the mind, one for the body, and one for the spirit. My goal for mind was to read one book per week to complete fifty-two books by the end of the year. My goal for my body was to set a nutrition plan in place for weight loss and train to compete in a half marathon. My goal for spirit was to read the Bible from start to finish. This was the year that “Prayer” allowed me to surpass my limitations. My message to others is that you can still set goals and climb mountains! You deserve to make your dreams come true, and your family will rejoice at your victory! I hope that reading my journey in “My Word of the Year” will inspire you to set your own goals and create an action plan to seek results.

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“Bad Medicine” by James B. Cohoon

Newlywed doctors, Torrey and Matthew, are new doctors at Kaiser hospital in San Diego. While there, they learn of a friend’s young niece who has fallen victim to a doctor who is running a phony cancer treatment center. Putting their careers and marriage in jeopardy, Dr. Jamison and Dr. Preston agree to help their friend’s family seek the ultimate revenge.

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“Commitment To A Deceitful Liar” by Jenelle Simpson

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Ever felt ashamed of an event or life experience and afraid of anyone knowing?

Jenelle Simpson isn’t holding back in her bravely inspiring new series, part one of her book. An ultimately raw read, Jenelle provides a glimpse of her experience being raised in a West Indian home with all its beliefs and myths, her trauma, insecurities, sexual abuse, being raised with a step-father, domestic violence, and various struggles within the Black community.

Jenelle opens up fully about her life in an inspiring book that encourages learning, healing, and not feeling ashamed about our life experiences.

Jenelle uses some Jamaican patois to bring the Jamaican culture and its effect alive for her readers.

This book is the product of a profound healing journey of trauma, abuse, and toxic generational cycles and attachments. Jenelle is the story of how one person’s trauma can be used for a greater purpose and not bottled up with shame. To help others heal and use their experiences to flourish and understand that they’re not alone.

Take the first steps, remove that feeling of shame, and dive into this raw story.

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“Forbidden Ascension” by Nicholas Hammond Schreck

Forbidden Ascension is the story of Jennifer Hawkins, a young Kansas nursing student who is conflicted over the recent incarceration of her father. She finds out that she has the extraordinary abilities of a forbidden ascendant. Jenny is tossed into the world of ascendants, a specialized and secret group of humans that have varying super powers. She is completely unaware that there are organizations which want to recruit her into their ranks, and enemies lurking around every corner that actively want her dead. Jenny has to keep her wits as she maneuvers through physical altercations, new love interests, and political power struggles which date back thousands of years.

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“Created No Way Out” by Jen Zahari

| Website |

Faith is on the verge of ending her life following decades of feeling unheard and unseen, and suffering from anxiety. Looking back on her life as she moves through her final day, she recognizes how much pressure she put on herself, and all the times she lost sight of her own self-worth and confidence. Matt, a friendly stranger she meets early in the day, brings a new perspective and immediate connection. Created is filled with emotion, unique insights on mental health, and an ending you won’t want to miss!

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“Jaja and the Gray Watchers” by JCM

A boy from a primitive planet accidentally falls to Earth and crashes in Evergreen City, Massachusetts. Although he is discovered by a loving couple, a mysterious government organization with psionic abilities quickly intervenes, revealing classified secrets to gain trust. And after forming an apprehensive partnership for mutual gain, the alien boy is allowed to blend in and live a normal human life, and in exchange, he is subjected to a series of experiments to discover the secret to his godlike strength.

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“The Ridiculousness of Magic” by Arwen Schoenthal

| Website | Facebook | Instagram |

Ripped from her ordinary life and thrown head-first into a violent alien world, Aryn Williams is a normal woman thrust into a reality more exciting than she ever could have wished for. While the magic that protects the kingdom of Lilystone withers, the walls that protect their empire threaten to crumble, but as a human, she’s immune to the curse of the infamous Unnamed Sorceress. Aryn must confront the elusive witches who lurk in the monster-infested wild beyond the safety of their kingdom–and she must stop the Unnamed Sorceress before her only chance of returning home is lost forever….

But at least she’ll have help—Duke Elrick, General of the Lilystone guard, and Iliam, the last of his kind. But the more time she spends with Duke Elrick, the more she questions where she really belongs.

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“Thrilling Tales: Short Stories of Suspense and Science Fiction” by David Caglarcan

THRILLING TALES will transport you from the humdrum of everyday life into a series of riveting adventures. You’ll scan the West Virginia sky to track the world’s most unusual rocket; recoil in horror at a dystopian, robot-controlled future Earth; climb into the blood-curdling nightmares of an imaginative child; and battle a corrupt district attorney who seeks to destroy an innocent man. Buckle up, friends: each of these four short stories will keep you on edge! If you enjoy vintage anthologies, such as “Escape,” “The Twilight Zone,” and “Alfred Hitchcock Presents,” you’ll love THRILLING TALES!

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“The Girl Who Shone Like A Star” by Andrew Beckford

| Amazon UK | YouTube |

A winner for a Christmas present and all season.
Brittany has Cystic Fibrosis. She courageously fights back and was able to make outstanding achievements in her academics. This inspired her peers to become better individuals. Brittany did more than inspire, she changed the lives of many and in this book, she will do the same to anyone who reads The Girl Who Shone Like A Star.

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“True Art of Poetry” by Hedgens Hyppolite

The poems written are emotions, and experiences that a reader can connect to. Finding a way to connect our emotions by our experiences. Calm Sea’s don’t make strong sailors, it’s the storms that build our character. Reading my poems will take you on a journey to help one grow to who they are meant to be.

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“Seven NLP Techniques To Break Any Bad Habit: Use Neuro-Linguistic Programming To Take Control Of Your Bad Habits” by Stanley Thompson

In 7 NLP Techniques to Break Any Bad Habit, you will discover:

* The proven and tested psychological approach to transforming your habits once and for all
* The exact language you need to use to influence your thoughts, let go of negative feelings, and create a positive future
* The necessary self-assessment questions you need to answer to get to know your negative patterns and true values
* Step-by-step instructions to the one technique that has been proven to break bad habits permanently (see chapter 3)
* True-to-life examples to understand how mindset, beliefs, and language work in everyday situations
* Simple strategies to remove triggers, achieve success, and witness massive shifts in your personal and professional life
* Practical exercises to help you change your attitude, reframe your mindset, and break habit patterns

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“The Baseball Addict’s Trivia Book” by Chip Trellix 

Do you love baseball?

Are you ready for the World Series?

If so, you have picked the right book to fuel your interest.

Chip Trellix has just released his new E-Book on the Amazon Kindle store titled The Baseball Addict’s Trivia Book.

Hurry and pick up this book for yourself or another baseball lover you know.

It has 500 questions and answers about big league baseball that will surely keep you entertained for days.

Pick it up today and enjoy the World Series!

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“Here Are the Pros and Cons When you You Decide to Bring the Bedroom to Work!!!” by Melissa Owens

This book describes the Pros and Cons of dating, sexing and making bad decisions at the workplace. Everyone knows that your job is your second home. You eat, work, exercise cry and laugh with your co-workers on a daily basis and they end up turning into your family.

But what happens when you fall in love and start dating someone you work with?

What happens when it doesn’t work out and the other person starts dating someone else at the work place? My book tells all the Pros and Cons on why you should think twice on dating someone at work.

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“Revelations From Heaven: A True Account of Death, the Afterlife, and 31 Supernatural Discoveries” by Randy Kay

| Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube |

What was it like to be face to face with Jesus?
What does Heaven look like?
And what did Randy Kay learn from his afterlife encounter?

As a human development researcher, medical advisor, and director of clinical support, Randy Kay was not given to fantastical ideas about the spirit realm or embellished “divine encounters.”
But after clinically dying in the hospital, Randy Kay had a life-changing afterlife experience with Jesus in Heaven.

In his first book, Dying to Meet Jesus, Randy shared this experience, but not the supernatural insights and profound discoveries he received. Now, Randy senses a timely assignment from the Holy Spirit to answer the question so many readers have asked: what did you learn while you were in Heaven?

In Revelations from Heaven, Randy leads you into a heavenly encounter of your own, revealing 31 revelations that God is unveiling to you. These insights include…

– Emboldened Prayer: A biblical perspective on encounters in Heaven and how they embolden our prayer lives.
– Conversations with Jesus: Insights that were exchanged while Randy communicated with Jesus in Heaven.
– Angelic and Demonic Activity: How there is a very real, invisible realm battling over the souls of humanity.
– Race and Ethnicity in Heaven: In eternity, how do people see one another and how does God see them?
– The Sights, Sounds, and Senses of Heaven: In Heaven, the five senses are enhanced and there are new senses that earthly language cannot explain.
– Heaven’s Perspective on Sadness and Grief: How tears are kept and collected in bottles.
– The Difference Between “Paradise” and Heaven: When a believer dies, where do they really go?

Take hold of the amazing truths that Heaven has released through Randy’s incredible experience, and see for yourself the powerful life-change that can accompany Revelations from Heaven.

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“Absonbrite: Shadows in the Lighthouse” by Aaron LA. V.R.

| Facebook | Twitter |

After being born with the power to change the course of humanity, two African American youths are thrust into a world where nightmares become reality and their identities are a mystery. Escorted by the mysterious man in the brown coat and the extremely unfiltered Vee, they discover more about their abilities as they fight through the trials of a forest connected to another dimension on the island of Bermuda. After being pushed to their physical and mental limits, they arrive at a safe haven called the Lighthouse. However, it’s not as safe as they thought.

With their survival at stake, they have no choice but to master their powers, adapt to the savage
environment of the Lighthouse, and put their trust in the untrustworthy—all while slowly
unraveling the secrets of the facility and their own past.

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Mccaube ; Bounty Gate (Book 1)” by Raul Barrios

Who wants to live forever? Seeing everything dying around. Every some years later, seeing everything change. Every so often, if it’s an old building being replaced by a more modernized version to keep up with the times.

I live for now.

I can not go back to where I was a cowboy bounty man.

I live in the dark.

The Seattle night light: The new sun that I have called my new daylight.

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“PTSD AND THE 12 STEPS: A Tailored, Mindful, Calming, and Growth-Oriented Approach for Survivors, Family, and Friends” by DAVID PRESTON

The steps themselves, and 12 step programs, are both wonderful and frustratingly vague, especially as to the bare words of the steps themselves. There seems to be a reason for this vagueness. We all have different life stories, and strict rules would not fit all, and perhaps would fit none. The following narratives are mere suggestions as to one possible interpretation of the Steps, and to put some meat on the bones of the bare words of the step to breathe life and meaning into such seemingly cold and harsh words.

The 12 step programs were born of treatment of addiction, which can, unfortunately, require a heavy-handed approach. PTSD may not fit that mold, and thus a softer approach maybe need to promote stability, maintenance and growth. As such, at least one alternative for each step, with some edges and corners sanded down, such as a piece of furniture to prevent injury, are provided. The version that brings the most benefit without undue triggering at a particular point in time is likely the better choice.

The following narratives are mere suggestions as to one possible interpretation of the Steps, PTSD may need a softer approach.

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“Western Sadness” by Ashley Dymond

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Is the West really the best?

In a world ripe with such liberating opportunity, people do seem rather upset. Why is this? Well, where European, North American, and Oceanic states successfully tend to people’s physiological needs, they equally neglect the psychological well-being of their oh-so privileged citizenries. Truthfully, contemporary Western culture actively functions to perpetuate segregation, social inequality, and an ultimate sense of sadness. Albeit, not in the ways that you might think…

By picking up his latest bestselling work, Ashley Dymond’s readers can expect to explore the genuine stigma surrounding mental health today, to realise the exasperating enigmas of contemporary psychopathology, and to unravel the mysticism of the Western mind.

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“Memoirs of the Senator’s Wife” by S.M. Ford

Memoirs Of The Senator’s Wife is an international best selling saga of a dark romance involving a handsome politician, a forbidden love affair between the politician’s wife with a sensuous Secret Service agent, and the magic that influenced history. Set during the ’50s to the present-day; their romance spans decades of the most turbulent times in America.

Cash giveaway drawing Sept 4 randomly selected from those who read the book and make a comment on the YouTube video as to if they would like to see the book made into a movie or not. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0iqBX1bOXI

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“Apotheosis Now: Rabbit Hole to the Beyond” by Yanhao Huang

A mind that is fragmented and sees the world in terms of what is me and not me, good and bad, will be caught in endless conflict. Because externally, we are always trying to control what is “not me,” and internally, we always get perplexed trying to figure out whether our actions came from our “higher” or “lower” self. As Albert Einstein said: “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

Many of us are starting to become tired of this game of life. We have been comparing and striving all our life. But no matter how much success we have achieved—we are still hollow and still have found nothing fulfilling. We don’t even know if happiness exists because it is no longer a living thing in our experience—it has become dead, as we only know it as a concept or memory.

This book will help you to understand:

  • Why we have internal conflicts
  • How does our ego trap us in undesirable circumstances
  • How do our beliefs limit us

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“Trafficked” by Hera Anderson

| Twitter | Instagram | YouTube |

Isabella has everything to live for; a nice job that she enjoys and a boyfriend in the Army who has promised to marry and take care of her. But when she goes to investigate the sounds of a crying child one night after work, it is against her better judgement and against everything that she had ever been taught. And for good reason.

Kidnapped and trafficked by a ruthless gang, she is bound and kept naked alongside three other women, waiting her turn to be sold like a piece of merchandise to a wealthy Mexican cartel owner.

She knows that any attempt to escape will likely result in her death and as she tries to make sense of her situation and make a connection with one of her kidnappers, to try to let him see the human being behind the commodity, she is suddenly confronted by the shocking reality of her situation and how he came to be in it.

Now, with only her own salvation at the forefront of her mind, Isabella is prepared to do whatever it takes to be free once more and to exact the revenge that is burning fiercely inside her.

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“Your Marketing Content Planner: 8 Steps To Supercharge Your Content Plan and Build a Social Media Strategy That Sells” by Izabela Cottle

Your content planner is the key in creating blog posts or social media content that sells your products or services. Content should work for you not the other way around. Each piece of content should link to your product or services to draw customers to your online shop. If you struggle to plan or organise your content strategy then Your Marketing Content Planner Guide will help you plan your content strategy and build content that will hook your customers.

What will you find inside Your Marketing Content Planner?
Learn to stop focusing on scheduling posts and create content ideas that sell your products and services
Find out how to use SMART goals to fire up your content planning Ideas to identify your brand voice and generate content that fits your brand and business.
Follow 8 easy steps to build an effective content strategy for social media that will drive traffic and increase sales.

Learn to avoid common mistakes that small business owners and solopreneurs make when creating content. Stop chasing trends and get tips on blog post writing that engage your customers.

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“Repercussions of Love” by Nathan Olszewski

“Repercussions of Love” is a collection poems that takes readers through the twists and turns of a toxic relationship. From the moment of the first spark into passion raging unchecked. Emotions swirling, bringing the highest highs while almost simultaneously hitting rock bottom. Connecting with someone who is so damaged and out of control that they can make you doubt your own sanity. They become an addiction, you know they are poison to you, but you can’t stop taking them back time and time again. The poems lead to certain disaster. Like following a run away train, passion, lust, longing and love. After running out of track, depression, anger, betrayal and heart break. When the darkest tunnel all it takes is the pin dot of light to shine through to lead you back to warmth and safety. Through kindness along with a gentle touch we can be brought back to love no matter how impossible that may seem. Like an abused puppy learning to trust and feel like you deserve kindness again is slow, but it is almost magical. It is a journey taken by many, unfortunately some never make it back. The ones who do never are the same and without a doubt appreciate the true connection of one who loves them.

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“Broken Wedding Vows” by Frank Arcilesi

Love, friendship, and humor come together in this tender romance as a high school student and a young married girl are attracted to each other in a small conservative town in the mid 1950s.

Jimmy Trenton finds something fresh and beautiful in Carol Dulaney, a religious young girl who wears a mysterious gold chain around her neck that intrigues him. And Carol discovers that Jimmy’s positive outlook on life and sensitive nature fulfills a need for love in her life. Both try to break free of this unlikely and forbidden attraction to each other and also must struggle with a blackmailer’s threats.

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“The Other Side of Fear: A Backpacker’s Memoir” by Jenni Reavis

| Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube |

After surviving a kidnapping and rape, academic and entrepreneur Jenni Reavis packed one suitcase and left everything behind to embark on a three-year radical journey of backpacking, where she also finished her master’s degree. Her memories and battles with addiction tried to hold her back, but along the way she was able to make new connections, find healing, stand on her own, and find her own self despite many obstacles.

Jenni’s background includes a long history of connecting with cultures, learning languages, and working as a volunteer interpreter/translator in her hometown of Oklahoma City. Her own story of recovery, background in psychology, and a graduate degree in human relations were the inspiration for this first book in the Unhidden Heroines book series, “The Other Side of Fear: A Backpacker’s Memoir.”

Jenni is currently living the life of her happiest dreams abroad, and her purpose going forward is to connect with others on a global level, engaging in topics about conquering fears and documenting stories about recovery and resilience wherever she travels.

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“Hattie Vavaseur” by M. Rebecca Wildsmith

| Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |

Suffering from memory problems in her old age, Hattie Vavaseur is swept off to a curious, old mansion, where she meets the enigmatic and volatile master of the house. With the assistance of a flamboyant medium, she also tries to help discover the murderer of an American salesman. Yet throughout her adventures, Hattie’s existence evolves into a single purpose: uncovering the greatest mystery of her past.

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“How To Be Successful: Think Like A Leader” by M. Curtis McCoy

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What Is The Secret To Success? I’m not talking about just making a lot of money. I’m talking about real success. True happiness. What do other leaders know that you don’t?

If you’re the type of person, who knows you deserve more in life, I’d like to share what brought me to write the book, “How To Be Successful: Think Like A Leader”

By the time I was 27 years old, I was the owner of several companies in various industries, including medical, fashion, manufacturing, distribution, and pharmaceuticals. I had become successful at a young age. Life was great!

Everything changed when I started having daily grand mal seizures. In 2010, I was diagnosed with brain cancer. Oncologists gave me only 60-90 days to live. I lost absolutely everything as I became unable to drive, live alone, or remember small details such as if I’d eaten or taken an insulin shot. Everything I had researched, the businesses I had built, and even my memory were gone.

My family took me to Tijuana, Mexico, to pursue alternative treatments. Uncertain whether I’d survive or not, I was inspired to make a difference in as many lives as possible.

I began contacting leaders I admired and asking questions. How To Be Successful: Think Like A Leader is a compilation of true stories & conversations with entrepreneurs to help you in your journey to success.

A self-made millionaire shares how he went from being homeless to owning a Ferrari.

Stop taking ownership of misfortune and become successful with the resources you have.

US Navy SEAL Team Sniper Jeff Wobig shares his morning routine and the simple steps he takes to absolutely maximize every single day.

Eric Payne shares some incredible insights about truly being yourself and living in your strengths. Eric hosts “The Annual Attempt To Burn The House Down Party” every year, and it’s an absolute blast. I think you’ll love this chapter!

Develop winning habits to set yourself up for success.

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Killing is an instinct we all have, some suppress it and some like me embrace this gift. We are all animals it’s just us so called human beings are far more intelligent. To me this means we can kill in ways no other animal can. Have you ever daydreamed about killing someone? Sure you have some of us who have it but most of us don’t. As for me I don’t know what is pity or remorse I was born this way. I am the guy next door the one you would say no way he would never do something like that. In fact I dream of ways to kill to me pain is love. I was born with the killer gene but I just kill for no reason. If you give me a reason you will unleash the mind of a maniac!

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“A Zen Story A Day” by Rahul Karn

Throughout Zen history, stories and anecdotes of Zen masters and their students have been used as teaching devices to motivate people to remain equanimous. Over the years, these stories have inspired people to tackle the daily challenges of life with serenity. The stories presented here are simple but are pregnant with deep-meaning and subtlety that makes them worth reading again and again. This collection includes 365 Zen Stories, one story for each day in a year! Start your day with a Zen Story, and have a Zensational day ahead!

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“EAT GOOD OR DIE BAD” by Dr. Zainab Zaman

| Website |

The comprehensive guide on building and introducing healthier behaviors into your diet and lifestyle, exposing a more optimistic, balanced, and stimulating long-lasting wellness approach and preventing various diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, obesity, diabetes, etc.

People will be left puzzled, defeated, and unsatisfied by current “healthy” diets that continually flip-flop over what foods to consume and concentrate on restricting calories. This new book puts aside all the negative and brings to light an optimistic view on developing one good habit at a time. Readers will find healthy living easier than ever by learning how to incorporate these concepts through a wide range of modern lifestyles and allowing the freedom to go at their own pace.

DR. ZAINAB ZAMAN clarifies in this book how an ideal diet can both fulfill the body’s fundamental needs and improve the body’s defenses and healing mechanisms. She still emphasizes that healthy food is a pleasure and important for our well-being and the good feeling it creates at the table so that eating for health means enjoyable eating.

EAT GOOD OR DIE BAD is a highly realistic and inspiring food, diet, and nutrition book about transforming our most simple eating ideas—for the better and the healthier.

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“eCommerce Business Marketing 2021” by Christopher Miller

Would you like to learn how to build 3 different profitable businesses that can guarantee you a passive income, even if you are a beginner and don’t have any experience on the subject?

If the answer is “YES” then keep reading. 

I’m sure you know that we are living in the era of digitalization, where being online is almost essential, and that is why in 2021 many people are moving toward creating their online business.

One of the main and most common problems that beginners have is that it becomes hard to chose what kind of business you should start with since the internet is filled with different business options and gurus trying to sell their online courses.

This is one of the reasons why I decided to write this 3 in 1 bundle. To show you how you can easily build your online business even if you don’t have any knowledge about it.
This bundle will focus mainly on Dropshipping, Amazon FBA, and Making Money with Blogging, and by reading it you will discover:

  • What Dropshipping Means, And What Are The Best Ways To Start This Business, so you can understand inside-out how this business model works, and how to practically set it up to start selling as soon as possible
  • All The Different Methods To Effectively Run A Dropshipping Business,  so you can know all the different ways in which you can develop your dropshipping business to maximize your income
  • An Amazon FBA Complete Course, And Why You Should Choose Amazon To Sell Your Product, so you can understand how this business works, and every information you need to profit by selling products on the biggest e-commerce available
  • How To List And Launch Your Products With Amazon, so you can have practical techniques to follow to effectively list your product into the Amazon platform, and numerous launch techniques that will allow you to start profiting right away

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“Table for One: A story about the journey to self-love” by Tristana Webster

| Website | Twitter |

She buried her father, and then her feelings. At age fourteen, she would learn to be caretaker for everyone else, ignoring her own needs until she risked losing everything. Table for One tells the story of a multiracial woman born towards the end of the Vietnam War, abandoned by her family and adopted by foreigners to be raised in a small New England town, where she felt out of place. As everything she ever valued begins to slip away (home, happiness, motivation and career), she stops and asks herself, why am I experiencing this and how can I change it? She shares the life lessons and insights she has picked up on her journey to love to light the way for others who feel stuck, afraid, and hopeless.

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“Peace Benefits – A 13-Step Self-Help Wellness Model to Change Your Mindset, Behaviors, and Body for Life” by Wellness Coach Rob Killen

| Website | Instagram | LinkedIn |

Depression, stress, anxiety, addictions, poor health, financial hardships, and uncertainty about the future are causing millions of people to lose hope for a better tomorrow. Start living with a new passion and purpose by changing your mindset, behaviors, and body today! Having a sense of peace in the key areas of your life is guaranteed to make you healthier, happier, and more fulfilled. This is proven through science and research of the human body and mind.

The Peace Benefits represent a wellness model comprised of thirteen areas critical to our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Learning how to adopt the first twelve Peace Benefits in your life will provide the highest level of peace and security, which is the thirteenth and final Peace Benefits principle.


– Reprogram your mindset and thinking
– Choose a career that’s fulfilling and rewarding
– Understand how exercise can change your life
– Eat for peace and never go on another diet again
– Understand and gain control of your emotions
– Apply Godly discernment in your decision-making
– Live life with more balance, happiness, purpose, and peace

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“Year 2059: Transmutation” by Naif Makmi

| Facebook | Twitter |

Mankind and aliens coexist in a future world. All was well until a catastrophic pandemic burst onto the scene, ravaging the world except for the two cities where the aliens reside. A curious astrobiologist, Phillipa Maxwell, from a small town realized that the novel virus might have extraterrestrial origins. Her brother Danny, who is patient zero has been transformed by the virus, alongside many others, into zombies. Amidst this, another group of aliens made a sinister entry into earth. They were usurpers from a forsaken planet and used the zombies as their soldiers to further their agenda of having the earth become the launchpad for their universal goals. The former aliens, knowing that these sinister ones were responsible for instigating the virus and destroying their former planet, resist and battle them. After a colossal battle with bleak outcomes for the aliens who’d gotten to earth first, Phillipa who was originally caught between the crossfire uses the fate treasure of the universe to reverse the outcome of events and save the day for everyone.

This is the 1st book of the Year 2059 Trilogy.

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“The Guardian of Light (4 book series)” by Shaun Connaughton

| Website | Facebook | Book 5 Coming This May

I can’t tell you much about this story, without giving too much away.
What I can tell you is, this is a modern fantasy which contains the following:
Magic, Gnomes, Gods, Elves, Goblins, Dwarves, Atlantis, Fairies, Wizards, Trolls, Elemental, and so much more.
This story takes a look at a beloved timeless figure in a very fresh new way that will spark the inner child in any grown reader. So if you like action, fantasy, adventure in a epic book series for teenagers and up.
I want you to enjoy this 1st book in a 6 book series and discover, who is the Guardian of Light?

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Putin Huylo and the Goldfish” by Bacillus Bulgaricus

This book retells the classical Russian fairy tale of The Fisherman and the Goldfish in a new modern version in which the Russian president Vladimir Putin catches a goldfish and eventually makes megalomaniac wishes to it. Wishes that could shock even a very good-hearted creature in the sea. The author mocks the aggressive foreign policy of the current Russian president Putin in a funny and witty way that will make you laugh loudly, especially if you love political satire. Yet, there is more than a grain of truth in this remake of the old Russian fairy tale, especially nowadays, when Putin is again in the spotlight. The author also managed to describe in a witty way the servile attitude of all people surrounding Putin.

The best thing about the book is that it describes the nature of Putin and his policies in a nutshell without getting into lengthy political analyses. What else can be better than learning about current Russia and its modern pseudo-czar by a funny satirical story that reveals the absurdity of Putin’s illusions?!

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Clipped” by Daniel Birch

| Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |

When down on his luck, Alex Clay decides to rob his old place of work in an attempt to change his fortunes. In doing so Alex gets entangled in a world of hitmen, deceit and murder. With a few friends, his brother Sonny and an unlikely couple of allies, Alex must out punch, out shoot and outwit the dangerous gangsters he’s become intertwined with to stay alive.

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The Vampire’s Secret” by Sierra Storm

Part of: The Midnight Valley Saga | Facebook | Twitter |

Vampires and long-term relationships don’t mix. At least, that’s what Sol Torres tells herself as she sets off to learn the mysteries behind Midnight Valley. Sol is an assassin, a trained agent who has no problem hunting down her prey. Unfortunately, the man she chose to confide in knows more about this town than she does. And the relationship that she fabricated to get a lead soon becomes more real than she could have ever dreamed. When an old flame reappears centuries after their split, Sol is torn. She could choose to return to the life of luxury she once valued, or she could risk everything for the affection of a single mortal. Fans of Kelly St. Clare, K. F. Breene, Brenda K. Davies, and J. R. Ward will love Sierra Storm’s latest extension to the Midnight Valley Saga, promising mystery, humor, and romance on every page.

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“George and the Aliens: Placing COVID-19 in a context suitable for children” by Charlie Sendrowski

| YouTube |

George and the Aliens is an enjoyable read for all young children. It follows a young boy George who is greeted by a group of aliens who have brought some rules to the world around him. It has a subtext which teaches the key principles of COVID-19 in a way children can easily interpet. Much like COVID-19, this was a collaborative effort to produce this book from a group of university students pooling together their ideas.

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“Dreams: Soul-Centered Living in the 21st Century” by Laura V Grace, PhD

| Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube |

Envision waking from a dream that felt “big” and being able to understand why the characters, images, and even landscapes appeared and what they are specifically communicating to you. What if you were able to unearth how your dreams can improve your relationships, raise your consciousness and illuminate your life’s purpose? And what if you discovered how nightmares are supportive messages that can help you transform past fears into present insights?

Dreams: Soul-Centered Living in the 21st Century is essential for everyone who is curious about the profound realm of dreams. It leads you on an exciting journey while accelerating your personal, professional and soulful evolution. Laura Grace, Ph.D. provides cutting edge awareness and guidance in exploring your dreams, including:

  • Seven Steps for Total Dream Recall
  • Connecting with Dream Images through Active Imagination and Amplification
  • Experiencing the Divine Marriage of the Anima/Animus
  • Six Essential Keys for Underscoring the Force of Your Dreams
  • The Power of Synchronicity and Waking Dreaming™
  • Healing Physical Pain with Somatic Dream Expression™

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Off the Pages” by Alejandro Gonzalez

Comic book-style superpowers become real in the ordinary modern world, and a group of comic book nerds have to fight a false prophet who has created a fake Jesus who is killing massive numbers of people and is amassing millions of followers.

Manny is a working stiff who escapes from the everyday grind by reading comic books, watching anime, and playing video games. His superhero fantasy becomes real when a bizarre light show erupts in the sky worldwide, and he is one of the many who gain powers. Unfortunately, real life isn’t a comic book, and when a preacher creates a false messiah, millions of people are forced to make a potentially civilization-threatening choice. Now a handful of out-of-their-depth nerds must stand up to evil. But how do you stand up to evil, when that evil wears the face of the most recognizable figure in history?

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“It started When I Kissed Her Tears” by Luke Logan

Following her husband’s infidelity, cruelty and involvement with narcotics, Sara is forced to flee their successful bar in Spain and seeks security in the arms of an old friend, a counter terrorism police officer. Her life is under threat, will she survive? – is Jacob able to provide the protection she so desperately needs?

Sara joins Jacob in his Essex home while seeking to re-establish her life in the UK. Unbeknown to her, she is the intended victim of a murder plot associated with missing money owed to a drug smuggling cartel.

Two determined villains, who have followed Sara from Spain, inflict terror and murder on a sleepy Essex community. They will stop at nothing until Sara is taken care of and the missing money is reclaimed. Good, decent people remain under threat, their peaceful rural community is about to change.  A hitherto chaste married barmaid of a local Pub becomes the willing sexual plaything for one of the pursuers. However, his partner in crime, a convicted armed bank robber, has psychotic issues – he hates women, an innocent young girl loses her life.

These perpetrators must be apprehended before they get to Sara and inflict their revenge.

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“HOW TO GET RID OF BELLY FAT: Effective Tips that REALLY work to Lose Belly Fat” by Rob McWin

Are you ready to discover the greatest methods for achieving your goal weight?

Science has proven that we are more likely to feel self-confident and have higher self-esteems when we reduce our weights. When thinking about the topic of weight, often times we tend to become intimidated or discouraged. The reason for our struggles in achieving our desired weight are often related to incorrect statements that promise us to eliminate our weight in a matter of days.

In reality, there is important information that you should know in order to be able to achieve and sustain your desired weight on the long-term.

This amazing and highly informative book will reveal to you all the knowledge you need for feeling greater than ever by attaining your fit and healthy body.

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Toxin Fears – Why the Global Warming Truth could kill us all in 50years” by Frank Baethe

Discover real Global Warming Truth and Climate Change Facts that make you cringe and surprise you. Highly entertaining. Yell: “Holy sh**!” and then another thriller-like episode draws you in deep…

Shocking, fascinating, new facts that are riveting, compelling and disturbing on many levels. Global Warming Pollution leads to war, it already did, and it is happening again, and we have a lot more to come.

When the truth gets uncomfortable, you know you’re reading the right book. This book is a dystopian thriller that shows you the business and money in our pollution policies that read like a true crime novel.

I truly believe – after all my research – that we may only have about 50 years before our toxic destruction will tear us apart. The Paris Climate Accord is NOT gonna save us. We need more action, better solutions and more money. I will show you where and how to find all of those. This will be the most informative, entertaining and provoking book on Climate Change you will ever read and experience.

Discover what you never heard before, connections you never knew about and see surprising solutions. The first chapter alone will blow you away. Terror attacks and murder suicide wrapped in global warming, while providing the latest truth on our Climate Crisis. Captivating, educational, fantastic to read and it inspires and motivates to take action.

You thought Covid-19 was bad in 2020? Wait until you see what 3 degrees of warming will do to you, your kids, your family, your relationships etc. The things you learn in this book will make Covid-19 look like a vacation in paradise. We’re racing to our own end and the Pentagon is preparing for the worst.

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A Tale of Hezekiah and Hepzibah” by Terry Lopez

A Tale of Hezekiah and Hepzibah by Terry Lopez chronicles how turbulent our lives can be. Neveah grows up in a broken home and unbeknownst to her, she has a guardian angel who fights those who rise against her. After a short, sad life, Neveah experiences a horrifying death. Neveah is sent back to earth as Candace, who appears to have it all from the outside. Her difficult marriage and problematic son cause her continuous grief. When she meets Apollo and his charming daughter, Candace quickly becomes attached to them.

The characters in A Tale of Hezekiah and Hepzibah by Terry Lopez face complex problems. Lopez takes readers on both a spiritual and natural journey of creative characters whose lives mirror those of the average human today. Filled with twists and turns, bumps and bruises, mishaps and missteps, this biblically based innovative piece proves that a life without struggle, strain or stress simply does not exist.

Life is never scripted. It’s often a series of making small or large adjustments to things that happen which are usually out of our control. But when you’re fighting the urge to be with someone you love—despite it not being the right person, the right time or the right circumstances—life can become a bit more tumultuous. In this literary roller coaster ride, readers will be challenged to believe in love again, search for soul mates again—even when it doesn’t have the cliché “happily ever after” ending one may desire. Although people may fall or fail, this written masterpiece serves as a reminder that humans are versatile and, often, always recover. After all, could it be that the very things we think are causing a slow death could be God’s way of life preservation?

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“The World’s Dumbest Questions” by Sidney S. Prasad

Society has been raised to believe that there are no dumb questions and the only dumb question is the one not asked. However, just when you thought you heard the dumbest, ludicrous question someone takes it down to the next level with their sheer stupidity. Get ready to get entertained with The World’s Dumbest Questions!

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“The Last Call to the Human Race : Amazing Soulful Adventures of a Young Man to Find the Most Confidential Secrets of Human Life.” by Soumik Sarkar

| Website |

Those fortunate souls who are reading this book right now are the chosen ones, because your mission and real purpose of life will finally be revealed to you soon. This book unlocks the secrets of life. Those who really want to change their life for the better will get this book by divine intervention, at the perfect time.

As you go on an epic adventure with Mohan, the young and dynamic character in this book, you will explore the beautiful and divine holy places, ancient Holy Scriptures and the most confidential secrets of life by holy enlightened monks. You will learn how to become extraordinary, successful and lead a satisfying life using real life incidents and ancient, very powerful bonafide techniques. This book has been written in a manner which is simple, understandable and practical in real life, to enlighten and re-energize souls. The readers will be transported to an amazing paradise on Earth.

So if you dare to break free, if you dare to think differently and don’t want to miss a once in a lifetime opportunity to go on an epic adventure and quest for the absolute truth, just grab this book with both hands and change your life forever.

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Triangle Black: A Novel” by Joseph Miguel

| Website |

Damien Winters is leaving Mason General Hospital after an arduous shift when he collides headfirst with an ancient, unspeakable evil.

Armed with a pistol, a trusted friend, and his wits, Damien must rely on his strength and resilience to survive. If he is to get out of Heatherton alive, he must make difficult decisions in the journey to confront the primordial power of the Sphinx.

In a cabin across town, the love of Damien’s life is sheltering from the onslaught.

If he can’t save her, who will?

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We are living in a time of anxiety, despair, and depression in 2020.
Are you wondering what you can do to minimize the risk for you and your family?
Will you be ready when the virus comes for you?
We can get back to life without the mask by making small but meaningful changes and understanding that a cough can be deadly.
Fighting COVID shares stories on how this virus affected several different people from various age groups. You will get a glimpse into a very mild case of a 13-year-old to a very critical case from someone in her 50’s.
Be kind to the stranger you pass in the store or on the road. We never know who is on the verge of a breakdown because they just laid their loved one to rest.

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“Z-Strain” by SJ Morris

| Author |

Surrounded by death.

Tethered to a fate she didn’t choose.

The only hope for those she loves.

This is the reality for Abbigail Norrington–and she’s not giving up without a fight.

Earth is quickly becoming an undead wasteland. That much is for sure. What isn’t certain is the fate of her three children, as their desperate bid to find safety at their family cabin is cut off by the revelation of world-altering proportions.

What seems like a lifetime ago, the secret battle to be the first superpower to perfect the perfect bioweapon has been corrupted into a scourge that is now headed straight for them.

How far will one woman, mother, & friend go to secure salvation denied to many at the edge of oblivion thanks to this zombie plague?

The time for uncertainty is over. The time has come to fight: the living & the dead.

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“The Playhouse: A DOLL FOR PLAY SERIES” by Emma Jo Brown

A shocking psychological thriller following the girl, the good guy, and the bad guy.

Lilly is a typical early teen. She is dealing with the loss of her father and the new man in her mother’s life. Her typical life is about to be turned upside down on a roller coaster ride through a living nightmare turn of events.
Liam has been cold and depressed ever since the death of his wife and daughter. All that changed in a moment. While driving in the pouring rain, down the desolate road that leads to his lonely home, a barely clothed young girl leaps in front of his truck. Where did she come from? Why was she in the woods in this storm? What has she been through?

And HIM…what horrors have created this man. What is he capable of? How far will he go? Why is he doing this? Can he be stopped? 

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“Systematic Land Theft” by Jillian Hishaw

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The History of America’s Tactics to Keep Tribal Nations Reclaiming Their Land and Black Landless

Land Theft is a book describing how the theft of tribal land and the inhumane use of enslaved Africans in the U.S. led to Whites owning over 95 percent of U.S. land. The author’s accounts, along with other Black farmers’ stories, show how land loss and discrimination have impacted their families. Economic disparities, land tenure cases, and reparation recommendations are outlined.

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The Ripper” by James Robertson

One man, Jack the Ripper, haunted the dark streets of Whitechapel in the year of 1888. One may not wish to call him a man for at the end of the day, he never was, not entirely. The Ripper was and always has been more of a spectre than man, but who is he? The stories you’ve been told one by one couldn’t be further from the truth. A barber, a doctor, and even a prince? Ha, now that’s a laugh.
Ahead is a look into the Ripper’s story from his eyes and those among him. The riveting story of Jack and his most beloved friend, John, along with the witches they saved, and those they damned at the request of the goddess, Fate, finally comes to light. This is a story of loss, demons, witches, and torment of one man by the puppeteering hands of one very stingy individual named old Nick.

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LOVE 30” by Samuel Karlin

Michael Stevens has always been a long shot. After a decade of tennis and travel, he’s arrived at the end of the road. With his ranking in ruins and his bank account running on empty, Michael has come to Tokyo with one last chance to mend a broken heart and prove who he is both on the court and off. Can he win against all odds? Will he discover that winning doesn’t have anything to do with tennis at all? In this coming of age story of love, loss and second chances, Michael has one more shot to show what he can do and finally figure out what really matters in life.

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There’s Something About September” by Nedra V. Ware

This book is a poetry memoir. It reflects the author’s present recollections of experiences over time. Some names and characteristics have been changed, some events have been compressed, and some dialogue has been recreated.

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Dog Walk Talk: While I’m Walking, God’s Talking” by Joe Miller

Have you, in those reflective moments we all experience, ever wondered: Why do I sometimes feel I have ‘that empty spot’ in my heart? Why do I do things that I really don’t want to do? Why don’t I consistently do the things that I know I should do? Am I somehow ‘off’ a bit? Can I be a better person? Am I okay? Am I missing something about life? In Dog Walk Talk, Joe Miller speaks directly to the everyday issues we all face that leave us asking those questions, and offers you hope and encouragement in your own walk to find the answers.

As a man who has crawled out of the ashes of a broken life, Joe uses stories, anecdotes, humor and more to allow you to see yourself in these pages as you, too, seek to find joy and inner peace regardless of your current circumstances.

In this book you will see yourself, possibly in a different light:
• You will find that as different as we all are, we are all quite the same.
• You will see that God meets each of us wherever we are at.
• You will be affirmed that you are a beloved child of God, no matter what.

If you have asked yourself any of those opening questions, this book is for you.

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Pandemics are confusing. We can find many examples of a pandemic and the procedure of its impacts in the history. Yet the phases are very relatable and similar. Pandemic affects businesses, economic and routine pursuits, altogether. The destruction can be very fast and massive affecting many countries or the whole world. But travel and shipments have never been this vast in history as they are today. When people travel, viruses travel and pandemic grows wider. Gaston Metelus has practiced medical associated career throughout his life and has developed the sense of forecast through his tremendous research in public affairs and responses to pandemics. Although, a pandemic of this magnitude is new for the world but the patterns are very similar. Gaston Metelus has composed the process in an analogous manner, covering not only the technical but also philosophical and theological viewpoints derived from authentic sources. You can learn more about the effects of pandemic on the world along with how the world can recover from it and how long will it take to do so? This and many other questions are answered in his excellent writing “CORONAVIRUS: its impact on the world”.  OR the French version: Coronavirus Son Impact dans le Monde. Buy one now to learn about the concealed truths behind the origin, growth and descend of this virus and  how to behave.

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Ashley is sure CORONAVIRUS is a person. After all, she hears everyone talking about her! First name Corona, last name Virus. It makes perfect sense! She has a long list of supporting reasons and is sure she is right! Her friend Jenny tries to tell her she is wrong, but Ashley will hear nothing of it. When Ashley’s Mom overhears the conversation between the girls, she decides it is time she explains all about Coronavirus (COVID-19).
A fun, light-hearted, yet engaging book conveying essential information to children about CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19): they learn the importance of WEARING FACE MASKS and the essentials of GOOD HYGIENE AND SAFE PRACTICES.
You will find a short REVIEW QUESTIONNAIRE included at the end, which is perfect for PARENTS and TEACHERS.

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“Wynter Of Wolves” by B. D. West

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In a world unknown to humans they were shifters and Wynter was born to lead them all.

Wynter always felt as if he didn’t belong and knowing he was adopted just made matters worse. He desperately longed to know who he was and where he came from. After his adopted father Samuel died, he decided to open a bar called Indigo’s. His life was just beginning to settle into a predictable routine; that is until destiny walked into his bar. Alarick, Marrok and Lupin were a part of a world unknown to the humans. They were Shifters; sworn to protect the human race. Wynter felt a deep connection with the three mysterious strangers from the moment they locked eyes. Though they had never met, Wynter knew his life would never be the same.

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“Born Paranormal – A Liar’s Story” by David C. Kiefer

Can you be born into the paranormal?
Or, is it pre-determined?
Can you determine it?
Can your mother or father?
Or Does it choose you?

This is just a sample of the questions David has wrestled with his entire life.

His mother was a devout member of the church. His father had a job that took advantage of his range of unique spiritual abilities. What started off as a near-death experience, set him on a path that grew into a serious passion for the lifelong paranormal enthusiast.

In this hair-raising memoir, David chronicles his coming of age in the paranormal field as well as the unique challenges he faced growing up. Follow his journey as he wrestles with the forces of good and evil, which will either bring his family closer together – or tear them apart.

Whether you’re new to the field or a seasoned pro, there’s something for just about everyone in this thrilling memoir by second generation paranormal investigator, David Kiefer.

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“Men of Steel: A Year in The Life” by Carl Senior

A year in the life at steel-tek, a local steel company who employed over 300 team mates. Antonio was just hired. He had heard nothing but great things about this company… But… will reality match up with his expectations?

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The Bounty Hunter” by P.R. Garcia


On Proxima Prime, the Bounty Hunter, BiiJun, lays dying in a pool of blood. While pursuing a bounty, he makes the fatal mistake of not remaining focused on his surroundings. The result is a violent attack by a fanged bear.

He knew better. Trained in the hunting techniques of the Huntsmen, he knew the importance of remaining vigilant. Yet he let a stranger distract him. Why? Who was she? For close to a hundred years, the Huntsmen’s armor has kept him alive. Today, only a stranger can.

A fanged bear killed Li-ara’s husband. Now, a stranger lays at her feet, another victim of a vicious bear attack. His armor identifies him as a Huntsman Bounty Hunter, but the metal did not protect him. With the amount of blood drenching the ground, he’s dying. No, not this time. She couldn’t save her husband, but she will rescue this one. The ferocious beast will not claim another victim, not a long as she lives. A howl drifting across the wind tells her a pack of wild canines has caught the smell of blood and possible death. They are coming for him.

BiiJun fights to live while the hungry canines outside search for a way into the cabin. Too weak to defend himself, he must rely on the stranger. Together, they battle the wild dogs. Somewhere, amid their struggle, BiiJun finds something he did not anticipate – the possibility of a different life; one without hunting, one without the armor and helmet. Could it be possible?

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Winter Pink” by Anwar Hardin

From fear to joy: one father’s tale of a dream that came true.

All that Anwar wanted was to get a baby with his wife. A boy, a girl, it didn’t matter, he just wanted to hold his newborn after they’ve been trying and failing for so long. He dreamed of the day when his heart would sing with joy while their baby was giggling in his arms. Or crying, that would be fine, too, babies cry. As long as the baby was there, everything would be fine.

But the baby wan’t coming.

And then she was. His wife told him that she was pregnant.

And the fear and anxiety came.

After so many issues he had experienced in the past – issues that were nobody’s fault, and yet left him heartbroken every time – should he even dare to hope? Was there really a hop that everything would be all right this time, that this precious little being wan’t going to become one of the lost ones?

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Avery’s Dream “Jesus is Alive” by Pearl Robinson

Avery’s Dream “Jesus is Alive” is a story about a curious little girl who wanted to know the story of Jesus. He came to her in a dream, and a conversation took place between the two. He tells her of His birth, death, and resurrection. This book is simple, easy to read & it’s a great bedtime story for parents and grandparents to read to their children or grandchildren. Also, it can be read by a child. I’ve always believed that it’s better to teach the story of Jesus to little children. Jesus loves them and wants them to accept Him as their Lord and Savior. Jesus said, “Don’t hinder the children from coming to me.” This book is for all children around the world. I pray God’s blessing on all who take the time to read this book to a child. God bless you.

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Crazy Love” by Camilia Smith

Ryanne and I have been friends since 5th grade. Two peas in a pod. When you saw one, you saw the other. We consider each other sisters. I am free-spirited and business minded. Love takes a back seat when it comes to my life. I don’t have time for it, at least that’s what I thought. Ryanne, on the other hand, is a helpless romantic. She believes in love and all the mushiness that accompanies it. We differ in that way. Love has been good to Ryanne and as I get older, am softening up to it. However, the one person that I am willing to take a chance on, has moved on with another female. With friends that I consider family, I attempt to get over him so that I may find love…crazy love. This is my story.

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Ascension” by Anneliese Khalil

Saved by Donovan from an attempted suicide, Joel has a vision. He can’t simply die: he needs to ascend as an angel. With Donovan at his side, Joel has to figure out how, but are things what they seem?

On the night Joel Stevens attempts suicide, he experiences a vision that instills in him an obsession to ascend as an angel.

Rescued by Donovan, a passing vagrant who claims to be an angel capable of leading him through ascension, Joel yields to his guidance.

Joel welcomes Donovan into his home, where tensions build with his wife, Sarah, who believes her husband is having a psychotic breakdown.

Donovan insists Joel must put his life in his hands and helps him achieve three near-death experiences where he visits broken, incomplete souls in Purgatory. Each visit diminishes Joel’s physical and mental capacity, bringing him closer to a state of being “less,” which is essential for ascension.

After Joel’s final visit to Purgatory, Sarah physically intervenes trying to wrestle Joel out of Donovan’s grip.

Joel and Donovan get out and race to Philadelphia to fulfill Joel’s destiny. They arrive at the Pyramid Club, a site used across the millennia for those ascending. But little does Joel know that his destiny has been written for centuries, and not everything—or everyone—in his life is what it seems to be.

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“The Weave Shop: A Black-Owned Business with an Indian Twist” by Sharmeela Saunderson

| Paperback |

As a woman of color and an immigrant who faced various challenges and rose beyond them to find success with hard work, risk taking, and determination, author Sharmeela Saunderson offers readers a compelling combination of personal memoir, business how-to, and a slice-of-life peek into the world of a thriving inner city business.

Mixing in her business, personal, and spiritual philosophies, The Weave Shop details the myriad challenges she’s faced and how they’ve influenced her on the path she continues to travel. Told not as someone looking back on their accomplishments and basking in their success, but in the unique perspective of a wife, mother, and entrepreneur in the middle of dealing with challenges specific to managing and running the day-to-day operations of an urban salon.

Gripping and honest, Saunderson recounts the hardships, choices, and opportunities that defined her as an Indian girl from a small town in the Netherlands to her path to success in the United States as an immigrant and business owner. Along the way are hard-to-put-down stories inspired by the many bold, colorful, incredible people who have worked for her, what she’s learned, and the wealth of knowledge she’s acquiring along the way.

Welcome to The Weave Shop, A Black-Owned Business with an Indian Twist where all walk-ins are welcome!

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“Opposites Attract” by George Rock

Guy in construction meets a librarian in a bar. Chats her up, they hit it off; he is used to a certain way of being around people but she throws him off his usual gruff manner. In fact, he finds that it really is a case of opposites attract. Instead of just melting into his arms, she expects him to be romantic and make an effort. It’s a new way of thinking for him but when he makes the effort it is all worth it as she is the hottest woman he has ever met in his life.

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“HYPHENED-NATION: Don’t Check the Box” by Nicole Draffen

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Hyphened-Nation was inspired by my travels overseas, and time spent living in the United Kingdom. Living abroad was an eye opening experience, I grew to understand certain aspects of American culture better, the longer I lived overseas. This book is about my insights, and experience of being treated as a pure American, rather than as a hyphenated one. The difference was startling, and lead me on a journey to understand why The United States is one of the only, if not the only country, that hyphenates its citizens by ethnicity before nationality. Those same boxes we allow ourselves to be placed into as hyphenated-Americans, limit our economic, educational, societal and cultural growth. This book focuses on ways the U.S. and Europe differ culturally via media, and how a bridge might be created. I hope this book inspires you to join the movement and, “Don’t Check the Box”. Be a catalyst for positive change. Your stories and insights will help to light everyone’s path to a brighter future.

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The Dove Tree” by Deborah Love

Tilla is fascinated by the natural world and has a chance encounter which captivates her completely. She is single minded in exploring further, but will it bring her what she hopes for?
With her helpers, she seeks a rare, elusive creature which has a compelling and cryptic reputation. She spends an overwhelming year discovering places, people and truths that are beyond her full comprehension.
In an adventure through treacherous mountains and ruined cities, she hears the call of responsibility and searches for her own answers.
Tilla’s quest brings to light the heart-stopping realisation that she has uncovered something far more significant than she could ever have dreamt of.
Learning of her own flashes of brilliance and flaws, how can she remedy her errors of judgment and her make new-born knowledge count?

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“Promise of Souls” by Holly Hampton 

Souls that were promised for each other will always find each other.

When Maxwell “Max” Buttons, a young billionaire, saw Maddison Morgan, an auctioneer in a party, he became determined to change his life and become hers forever. Maddison Morgan had secrets she did not want to share – secrets that Max accepted despite not knowing them. He only held to the one truth about Maddison – that she wanted to be called Larni by those who loved her.

But when Maddison suddenly disappeared along with her secrets, Maxwell blamed himself for letting his Larni disappear and without knowing who she really was.

Years later, still holding on to the memory of the first woman, he ever loved, he found a real Larni – Larni Johnson. He did not understand but despite her difference from Maddison Morgan, his heart was drawn to her. Like a soul who had found the one he was promised to.

But is she the soul promised to him? Or is it only his misery that blinds him?

This is a Steamy, Short and Sweet Romance of discovering and believing in love. If you love short romances with hot love scenes, a sweet story and a satisfying Happy Ever After, then the Promise of Souls is the story made for you.

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The Sage” by Sallama Elias

A book to help you get through these difficult times.
A wisdom passed down all the way from Athens to Ancient Rome.

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“Mr. Credit gives a lesson: So many toys for all the girls and boys” by Keith Stevens

Send your child into an adventure with Mr. Credit. He will show children the importance of having good credit. Children at a young age never worry about their credit nor do parents. Everything is taught early when you have a chance to embed in their brains the importance of credit. So, when they get older they have a chance to own business, buy cars, and houses. Teach them how to survive, so when it’s time for them to survive on their own they will have all the tools in front of them.

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The Tent Mouse and the RV Mouse” by Loretta Sponsler

| Website |

A modern twist on Aesop’s fable, The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse. While Thomas Tent-Mouse loves to camp in his tent where he feels connected to nature, his cousin Harvey RV-Mouse loves to camp in his RV where he feels safe. Adventure awaits these outdoor-loving cousins, as they learn that it’s okay to like different things.

The perfect gift for RVers, especially those looking for kids camping books or camping books for toddlers.

Fans of A Camping Spree with Mr. MageeLlama Llama Loves Camping, and Curious George Goes Camping will love this camping book.

Easy to follow storyline, beautiful illustrations, and likable characters – combined with a lesson that preferences differ. Strengthen the love for books and camping with this lovable story and rich illustrations.

  • A fun read-aloud for families and elementary story time
  • Books for kids ages 3-6
  • Books for early and emergent readers
  • Ideal for camping theme lesson plans
  • The perfect gift for RVers, especially those looking for kids’ camping books or camping books for toddlers.

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The CPA Cybersecurity Survival Guide” by David McHale

David McHale, one of the world’s most famous security awareness experts, teaches you easy cloaking and countermeasures for employees and business owners in the age of Social Engineering and Ransomware.

Like it or not, your every move is being watched and analyzed. Employees’ identities are being stolen, and a person’s every step is being tracked and stored. What once might have been dismissed as paranoia is now a hard truth, and privacy is a luxury few can afford or understand.

In this explosive yet practical book, David McHale illustrates what is happening without your knowledge – and he teaches you “the art of invisibility”. David is one of the world’s most famous security awareness experts. He has trained staff for some of the country’s most powerful and seemingly impenetrable agencies and companies.

McHale is an energizer rabbit when it comes to spreading security awareness and is widely regarded as an expert on the subject of computer security. He knows exactly how vulnerabilities can be exploited and just what to do to prevent that from happening.

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“From The Inside Out: The Courageous Heart” by Adam Zomparelli

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Courage, a feeling we all have but find hard to express. From The Inside Out, The Courageous Heart gives you direction on how to find the courage within yourself so that you can move through life without hesitation. Being the first book in the miniseries, From The Inside Out, The Courageous Heart allows you to see that there is more within you to let yourself to be the person you truly want to be.

Is happiness something you choose for yourself? Let the courageous heart open your mind to the power of what a person with courage can achieve. Over the next thirteen pages, in this short book, you will find what it means to have a courageous heart and how to use this ability in times of stress. It also engages you through a story of a person whose influence changed the world through the power of courage. Become unshackled from an old mindset and know that you can achieve what you want.

This short but impactful short story will guide you through the steps on how to apply courage in your everyday life. To further yourself towards not only achieving your goals but also on how to face down fear. Plainspoken and profoundly moving, this book will help unlock the power within you to find measures of happiness and be the person you truly want to be. It can undoubtedly ignite a feeling of energy for you to finally take a step forward to try and take your life by command. You can begin to understand this by taking the first step in using the right feeling to fight past fear to read this book — the sense of courage.

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“Akai – Chapter 0 “How To Become Strong” by Anfernee Robinson

“A boy that was born on a leap year in God’s Garden Society: must embark on a supernatural journey to defeat a curse bestowed to him”

Akai is a young child with high hopes; bound in a society full of undiscovered powers; raised by Grandma in the “Jex” helps him develop a strong will. He will one day, begin a trial to Heaven’s Gate. The journey is a troubled one. The “Black Orlov” chain opens unparalleled events. Will Akai reach his Ultimate goal? Or will Akai bend fate forever?

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“Red Blooded Rookie” by Cindy Strauch

After a frightening rape attempt, Ashley Wright drops out of college and returns home. With job prospects few and far between, she applies to the local police academy and is accepted. Little does she realize that graduating at the top of her class puts her squarely in the crosshairs of a crazed killer.

During the first week of training, a woman is brutally murdered, a woman with a disturbing likeness to Ashley. Within days, Ashley receives alarming notes sent by the killer, and souvenirs from the murdered woman are left for Ashley to find.

Ashley’s life is turned upside down as more women are murdered and the killer turns his sights on Ashley.

Can this serial killer be stopped before Ashley is his next victim?

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