Be A Great Thinker

May 25, 2022
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June 3, 2022

“Be A Great Thinker – Book Two: Socrates: Man, Myth, Teacher” by Adrienne Roth & Matthew Roth

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Socrates was a plain man in both dress and manner. He possessed a sharp point of view that placed him in an unusual and sometimes challenging place in a society that did not appreciate individualism. Yet it was that individualism that made him so special.

Socrates was the teacher of young, receptive men of ancient Athens, Greece, and he was beloved by his students. His students Plato and Xenophon introduced the world to Socrates, as they sought to have others embrace and understand Socrates’s philosophies and concepts.

In book two of our series, Be A Great Thinker, we will examine Socrates’s life and philosophies. We will focus on what made Socrates such a unique and dominant force and how his remarkable life and fascinating death changed the course of western philosophy.

Socrates brought the world a new way of questioning everything. Socrates created critical thinkers through his methods as he embraced individualism. His ideas helped others to live their best life, and his words still resonate in today’s more complex world.

Take a journey into the thoughts and philosophies of Socrates and discover how this great teacher, a man who lived a couple of millennia ago, still has a profound impact on today’s impressionable minds.

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