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February 21, 2020
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February 26, 2020

“Beyond Coincidence: A life in Synchronicity” by Adam Nustedt

A ground-breaking book that is vital reading for anyone with an interest in synchronicity. Life affirming true stories that get to the heart of the phenomenon.  We are taken around the world on a journey of mystery and wonder.

Stories involving war zones, espionage, clairvoyance, creativity and love. Interwoven with mythologies, dreams and visions that interconnect and give structure and meaning into a world of magic and mystery.  A unique hard-hitting reading  experience, going beyond the New Age clichés, that challenges the very nature of reality

I do not impose an idea or philosophy on the reader I simply report significant synchronistic events I have experienced in my lifetime and attempt to convey my personal and intimate feelings towards them. I further share the musings that the events provoked through Psychology, philosophy, theology and mythology. Looking at the events through the lenses of some of the great thinkers of our time.

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