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November 17, 2019
Gardenia Duty
November 19, 2019

Captive” by Dave Blackwell

Maria, a young detective gets her first case, interviewing a young man that shows up with severe injuries and close to death. Before he collapsed, he says he was kidnapped.Paul had gone missing seven weeks before, his father reporting him missing. After two weeks a video was sent to the local reporter showing Paul locked in a small cage, laying on his side curled up, wet and bloody.Paul tells the detective his story, the kidnapping, the daily torture, everything that led up to the moment he had escaped. The kidnappers, two unrelated persons that had Maria and those that knew them, confused.The reporter that had received the video, Scott, receives a letter the day after Paul shows up from someone who knows the kidnapper, and claims to have information that tells a very different and dark story.Scott teams up with Maria and they start to investigate off the books, getting drawn into a dangerous game.

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