May 13, 2019

Trillion Dollar Sky

"Trillion Dollar Sky: Mission Cerex: Book One" by David Colello

Staggering treasure? Global domination? All biologist Pia Lamotte wants is a strong espresso and a tent under the stars, but destiny is launching her across the solar system. Download this short read now and follow her adventures! Pia is a stunning woman, whose genius is sought after by the handful of Multinational corporations left fighting for control over the ravaged Earth of 2056. She may despise these Multinats, but her research depends on their funding. As rampant starvation and environmental destruction sweep across the planet, war seems inevitable both on Earth and in the Lunar colonies. Natocorps has a daring plan for how to become the sole surviving Globalcorps, but it will require Pia's help and a trip to the dwarf planet Ceres. As the largest object in the asteroid belt, Ceres promises untold riches for the first to colonize it. However, what they discover there is more mysterious than anything they can imagine.


April 6, 2019

Practical Tips on Emotional Intelligence 2.0

"Practical Tips on Emotional Intelligence 2.0: Effective Ways to Be Confident and Win Friends" by Travis Bradley

How emotional intelligence affects our life and how to improve it? Let’s start with some questions: - Are you not confident when meeting new people in an event or gathering? - Is it difficult for you to start a conversation and make friends with a new person? - Do you feel lonely not having many friends around? - Do you feel unsuccessfuldepressed and afraid of meeting people? - Are you worried about moneyyour jobrelationships, and conflicts and don’t know how to deal with them? If your answer is yes to one of the above questions, this book is great for you, because you haven’t mastered the practical skills of emotional intelligence, the tips and steps to apply in reality.


April 5, 2019

Simple Keto Diet

"Simple Keto Diet: The Weekly Diet to Weight Loss and Keto for Beginners Lifestyle : Breakfast, Dinner, Snacks & Treats" by Jean Frances Bailey

While some of us sit to wonder what is Ketogenic diet, others want to know the Simple Home Cooking To Start The Ketogenic Diet Weekly majorly on cutting calories. The meal comes in different forms. There is a difference between men and women or between people of different ages. The critical information summarised in this book: SIMPLE KETO DIET … The Weekly Diet to Weight Loss and Keto for Beginners Lifestyle (Breakfast, Dinner, Snacks & Treats), is the result of many studies, documented in books, research papers, and case studies during the last years. Although there are several different ways in which many people understand Ketogenic Diet, whatever your current level, this keto for weight loss book will provide you with the right knowledge, activities, and understanding. It emphasises on the overview and benefits of ketogenic as a low carb diet. It doesn’t fall short of some fantastic recipes to prepare such as Keto breakfast recipes, Lunch recipes, Snacks recipes, Dinner recipes, as well as some fantastic Smoothie recipes. This book will help you gain more in-depth knowledge on a keto lifestyle and reach your calories goals.


April 2, 2019

A Ghost in the Attic

"A Ghost in the Attic" by Solomon Petchers 

| Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | When 5th grader Samson O'Keefe is forced to move from his home in Ohio, he quickly learns that strange things happen in his new home. It is what's living, or not really living at all, in the attic that separates this house from other houses he's lived in. Samson has to rely on his new friends, Moose, who has a secret of his own, and Nathaniel, a third brainiac, to help break Mr. Henderson's spell. Fail and he may get "swept away" just like his mother and the three other families that lived there before him.