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June 7, 2019

Grab your Gear and Go

"Grab your Gear and Go" by Jeff Taylor

You may need to pick up your gear and relocate to find the perfect opportunity in the early stages of your career. This book will guide you thru the various cities in America where musicians thrive, in live bands, studio, movies and television or commericals. I was once inspired by Prince to pick up my gear and move from NYC to Minneapolis Minnesota. Once there I joined the thriving new music scene and experienced my initial successes in the music business. Since then I've traveled all over the country and the world. This is a little roadmap.


April 11, 2019

Ryukyu – Okinawa Impressionism

"Ryukyu - Okinawa Impressionism" by Rob Kajiwara

Through this art book you will be taken on a journey through Ryukyu, an island chain in between China, Japan, and the Pacific. Experience Ryukyu's fun and unique history, culture, environment, and people, along with its tragic past, through Rob Kajiwara's art. Each art piece comes with a description so that even people who know nothing about Ryukyu will understand. Full of bright and vibrant colors and themes, Ryukyu - Okinawa Impressionism is a visual treat that you won't want to miss. Rob Kajiwara is the best-selling Okinawan-Hawaiian author, visual artist, and singer-songwriter. He has appeared in over 50 news publications in more than 15 countries, including the Associated Press, Washington Post, BBC World, and many more. Visit his website at


March 7, 2019

Ballroom Dancing

"Ballroom Dancing: Shocking True Stories from Behind the Scenes" by Joe Tango

Ballroom Dancing: Shocking True Stories From Behind The Scenes. A Must-Read for anyone who wants to catch a glimpse of the real world behind the glitter, glitz and sparkle of the sequined world of ballroom dancing. This book is the first book of it’s kind, Joe pulls back the curtain exposing the truth of what really goes on behind-the-scenes of the glamorous world of dancing. The book, released by the renowned ballroom dancer is comprised of his collection of case studies thru the years of teaching. The book examines strategies to utilize asset value based on Joe’s knowledge of the field and specific expertise in this market. Joe sheds light on the schemes of bad dance instructors and studios. It was written to expose the truth about how shady characters with poor skills in dance instruction rip unsuspecting dance students off and prey on the vulnerable. A “must read” for anyone interested in a definitive account of thievery and seductions in the glamorous world of dancing. In this tell-all book will shock you!


November 8, 2018

Every Wall Needs A Story

"Every Wall Needs A Story" by Theo Michael

His work is unique, cinematic and very personal, representing a meeting place between fiction and reality. With the artist Theo Michael it is all about the story his paintings inspire. Characters, larger than life, which could be taken straight out of a movie set find themselves in contemporary scenes. Femme fatales and shadowy heroes, do they know each other, what are their plans?They say truth is stranger than fiction. It all started in 2004 when Theo visited the Edward Hopper exhibition at the Tate Gallery in London. The gallery attendant repeatedly reprimanded Theo for getting too close to the artwork. He had to get close, he was absorbing the detail of the brushwork and technique. Bearing in mind Theo was unable to get employment at the time, and nearly old enough to retire, he made a life changing decision. He was going to become an artist. This book of more than 40 original paintings with accompanying short stories is the result, and not unlike Hopper, it is all about the story. The book idea, Every Wall Needs a Story, was conceived after watching an interview with J. Michael Straczynsky, an American television and film screenwriter (notably the science fiction TV series of Babylon 5). Straczynsky’s life story and passion for story telling inspired Theo to pick up a pen and create a collection of fictional short stories to accompany his paintings. Often with a twist ending, not unlike the low budget B movies of the 1950’s, they offer a Noir like sense of atmospheric brooding, with a twinkle of indulgent fun.Enjoy this coffee table book, brimming with studies, original paintings, all accompanied by fictional tales, adding an intriguing dimension to Theo’s evocative artwork.


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