Children’s Books

July 26, 2019

The Boy Who Dreamt the World

"The Boy Who Dreamt the World: The Daydreamer Chronicles: Book 1" by Jethro Punter

Adam is living the dream, literally.... There are two worlds that have always lived peacefully alongside each other, the world we know and Reverie, the Great Dream. Adam's life is turned upside down when he discovers that, as a Daydreamer, he can travel between the two and achieve impossible things. You would think being able to control your dreams would be fun. But in a place where those dreams can take on a life of their own and nightmares stalk the streets, just making it through the night is hard enough. Then there is the mystery surrounding the odd new girl in his class, detentions to avoid... and the small matter of saving the world. 'The Boy Who Dreamt the World' is the first book in the Daydreamer Chronicles Series. 'an exciting new series that is perfect for fans of Harry Potter and Charlie Bone. Continuous twists and turns make for a quick read, while still remaining highly satisfying. I could barely put it down' ( review) 'a fun and magical tale for everyone who enjoys a well-crafted fantasy story' ( review)


July 19, 2019

The Safari Children’s Books on Good Behavior

"The Safari Children's Books on Good Behavior: 5 Books in 1" by Cressida Elias

A 5 book anthology of the first Safari Children's Books on Good Behavior. This omnibus includes: Gerry the Giraffe Learns why it's Good to Share Luc the Lion Learns Why it's Important to Brush His Teeth Ellena the elephant Learns Why she Needs to Tidy up Her Toys Bonbon the Butterfly learns why it's Important to think of Other and not just Herself Maxi the Monkey Learns why Going to Bed Early is Important If you want to teach your kids good behavior and respect for others you will find no better tool than this full colour 132 page book of delightful animal stories.


June 6, 2019

Cocky Kids

"Cocky Kids" by George Goins III

| Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Cocky Streetz wrote & published his first kids book "Cocky Kids". The book is a read out loud children book about five sister & brothers with superhero superpowers fighting off the evil huge snowman. The moral of the story is that we are stronger working together rather apart. Also Includes children songs, movies, ryhmes, cartoons plus bob songs 2018 - 2019 This book for kids. Also check out the books to read on tape. My kids love ABC songs , Baby Shark, Pinkfong, nursery & kids songs these are companys and kid videos that inspired me. Thanks for watching and reading.


June 2, 2019

War of the Sock Gnomes

"War of the Sock Gnomes: A Modern Fairy Tale" by E.D. Scott

Closing his eyes and drifting to sleep, Thomas was surprised at having been awoken by a small and mischievous creature. This creature’s mind fixed on stealing a precious gift from his grandmother. Attempting to stop the thief, Thomas would soon find himself in a land beyond his imagination. Trapped and hunted, Thomas must rely on the very creatures that drew him into this magical and dangerous place as his presence turns the world around him to chaos. Embark on a classic hero’s adventure through the Otherworld, as one boy’s journey home alters the course of this mystical realm forever.