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May 11, 2019

Away From Disease And Over_Weight

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"Away From Disease And Over_Weight" by ZHIYONG BEI

This e-book has been written for all veg-lovers, everything about vegans is explained it with the specific benefits of going vegan and preventing diseases. I have added 100 recipes which are easy to made and all include vegan ingredients. Meat-free diets have helped hundreds of people in preventing diseases like heart disease, cancer and type-2 diabetes. People can get benefit for going vegan, which food supplement they can replace, i have added grocery guide also. Science has proven that vegetarians are fitter, have brighter skin, and many diseases caused by eating meat have disappeared.The secret to improving health and staying beautiful is in the books!


April 14, 2019


"KETO FAT BOMB: Delicious Fat Bombs In 10 Minutes Or Less" by Ryan Smith

Are you following a Ketogenic diet? Have you ever heard of a Keto Fat Bomb? Would you like to learn how to make them to increase your overall health? For many years we were taught that fat was bad for us. New research, however, has shown that not all fat is bad and that actually, some fats are essential and very good for things like cholesterol. Now you can get a fat hit that will boost your body’s ability to lose weight and do it with delicious recipes. Inside this book, Keto Fat Bomb: Delicious Fat Bombs 10 Minutes Or Less, you’ll find all the information you need to make your own fat bombs, with recipes for things like: -Creamy coconut smoothie -Creamy Mexican hot chocolate -Key lime pie smoothie -Peanut butter cup smoothie -Amaretto chilled coffee -Strawberry vanilla smoothie -Cheesy pesto fat bombs And lots more… With these recipes you will be able to try a wide selection of delicious fat bombs that can be either sweet or savoury, with all the recipes coming with full instructions and a delicious colour photograph to accompany it. Get a copy of this amazing book today and start making your own Keto Fat Bombs now!


April 5, 2019

Simple Keto Diet

"Simple Keto Diet: The Weekly Diet to Weight Loss and Keto for Beginners Lifestyle : Breakfast, Dinner, Snacks & Treats" by Jean Frances Bailey

While some of us sit to wonder what is Ketogenic diet, others want to know the Simple Home Cooking To Start The Ketogenic Diet Weekly majorly on cutting calories. The meal comes in different forms. There is a difference between men and women or between people of different ages. The critical information summarised in this book: SIMPLE KETO DIET … The Weekly Diet to Weight Loss and Keto for Beginners Lifestyle (Breakfast, Dinner, Snacks & Treats), is the result of many studies, documented in books, research papers, and case studies during the last years. Although there are several different ways in which many people understand Ketogenic Diet, whatever your current level, this keto for weight loss book will provide you with the right knowledge, activities, and understanding. It emphasises on the overview and benefits of ketogenic as a low carb diet. It doesn’t fall short of some fantastic recipes to prepare such as Keto breakfast recipes, Lunch recipes, Snacks recipes, Dinner recipes, as well as some fantastic Smoothie recipes. This book will help you gain more in-depth knowledge on a keto lifestyle and reach your calories goals.


March 29, 2019

Plant Based Diet

"Plant Based Diet: The Simple Plant-Based Diet Plan: Beginners Cookbook to Healthy Plant-Based Eating (Whole food Plant-based recipes)" by Anne W Boles

A Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet (WFPB) is less of a diet and more of a lifestyle. Its interpretation can vary from person to person, mostly depending on the extent to which you include animal products in your diet. It can be broken down into two parts: “Whole Food” and “Plant-Based”. A “Whole Food” diet can be described as follows:
  • Limited processed foods
  • Avoidance of refined foods such as sugar, white flour, and processed oils
  • A focus on the quality of food, meaning an aim for locally sourced and organic foods when possible
A “Plant-Based” diet can be described as follows:
  • Almost total elimination of animal products
  • A focus on eating mostly plants, including vegetables, fruits, legumes, seeds, and nuts
This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to cook simple, plant-based meals. Eating food is good, but eating good food is a difficult habit to sustain for most people in a world filled with processed junk foods and treats. The temptation to eat junk food is strong and ever-present in society. The more natural eating you can introduce into your diet means fewer processed foods finding their way onto your plate, which means a healthier you!