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February 6, 2023

Winning Your Next Car Deal

“Winning Your Next Car Deal: Your Comprehensive Guide to Buying a Car at the Dealership” by Adam M. Bates | Facebook | YouTube | Have you […]
February 4, 2023

Trace Letters

“Trace Letters Alphabet, Handwriting Workbook: Coloring and Numbers Preschool-Kindergarten” by Ann Wallace This is a trace letters handwriting book for the alphabet and numbers. It is […]
January 22, 2023

ABC’s Inventions by People of Color

“ABC’s Inventions by People of Color” by Dr. Michelle Hoggins, PhD | LinkedIn | This ABC’s book illustrates inventions by People of Color in alphabetical order, […]
June 3, 2022

Puppy Potty Training Guidebook

“Puppy Potty Training Guidebook” by Roberta Anne When it comes to puppy training, the fact is that you have Mother Nature on your side right from […]