June 22, 2019

Sex Magic- Make your lover to forgot Ex

"Sex Magic- Make your lover to forgot Ex: Invocation and Evocation secrets for God of Sex, Love & Passion, Make your crush to forget Ex-Boy friend or Ex- Girl Friend, Make following like Celebrity" by Ajit Kumar

Ancient Indian Magic to make partner to forget his/her Ex-boyfriend or girlfriend and make to think you are better than them. Invocation and Evocation secrets for God of Sex, Love & Passion,create crush between couples or lovers. Create a great following then Celebrity. God of Love is ready to give anything but you are not ready to take. Don't waste valuable time by depression or suicide. In this nature every question has an answer and every desire has a way to achieve, go by that way to get what you need. Attract opposite person like magnet, leave passionate sexual life and use Angels of love as servants for 100 years by Evocation of God of Love, Sex & Passion.


February 17, 2019

The One Date Rule

"The One Date Rule" by TaKaylla L. Gordon

A story of Reluctant Love The One Date Rule deals with the taboo issue of romantic involvement between a teacher and student as well as self-imposed constraints. This lesbian romance explores the limits of love with no ties, just good-natured fun. That's what college professor, Quinn Kendall wants. She has had it with the mundane dating scene. The professionals her best friend sets her up with all have one thing in common, they're looking for forever. Quinn devises a rule sure to discourage commitment-one date only. But when she falls for a student in her class, she has to assess the cost of making and breaking rules.


February 4, 2019

Tomorrow’s Woman

"Tomorrow's Woman" by Aedan Sayla

| Website | GoodReads| A Willful Daughter - A Desperate Father - A Drifter without a Cause. All hell is about to break loose in a small cattleman dominated valley six years after the Civil War in the East finally ended. Some wars go on though, fought daily in the minds of those who survived. Other wars have to be won in the bedroom by one dominating move after the next.


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December 9, 2018

Descending Into Darkness

"Descending Into Darkness" by Niki McQuilling

Police Officer Natalie Corbin spent years trying to save a battered woman from her abusive husband, gaining an enemy in the process. After a hostage situation that ends with a fatality, Natalie struggles with the guilt and devastation that she failed to save the victim. Natalie finds comfort in fellow officer James Simon who arrived on the scene of that horrific day and refused to leave her side. To women, he is known as the hottest new officer in the department, to the men, a God. No one knows where he came from or why he moved to a small southern town. The man is a complete mystery. Natalie’s attraction to him is stronger than her will as she fights her feelings. No longer able to fight her attraction to him, she finds herself in his life and in his bed. As their relationship progresses, James becomes jealous and possessive. What Natalie considers safe quickly turns into fear. Natalie finds herself in the same situation as the woman she was unable to save but, by then, it’s too late. Natalie has descended into the darkness of James Simon. She’s scared, confused, and addicted to his dominance. She can’t figure out which is worse, the abuse, the lust, or her love for him. Her dreams of escape are shattered after those closest to her doesn’t believe her when she turns to them for help. She longs for peace and freedom but knows that he will never let her go.


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