April 2, 2019

A Ghost in the Attic

"A Ghost in the Attic" by Solomon Petchers 

| Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | When 5th grader Samson O'Keefe is forced to move from his home in Ohio, he quickly learns that strange things happen in his new home. It is what's living, or not really living at all, in the attic that separates this house from other houses he's lived in. Samson has to rely on his new friends, Moose, who has a secret of his own, and Nathaniel, a third brainiac, to help break Mr. Henderson's spell. Fail and he may get "swept away" just like his mother and the three other families that lived there before him.


March 28, 2019


"BOX" by  A.K Brown

Arthur awoke to four cold metal walls trapping him in absolute darkness and all alone. He shouted for help, no words left his mouth. It wasn't long before a series of horrifically disturbing events were thrust upon him, leading him to discover the world he thought was peaceful held a dark and deadly secret. Reviews: "Loved this bookLoved the suspense and hope to read more from this new author.~Linda "Twists and turns at every cornerCame to this book skeptical as it was an author i had never heard of, but i was pleasantly suprised by both the quality of both story telling and writing. I would fully recommend.~Kevin


March 23, 2019

Four Kites

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"Four Kites" by Dave Blackwell Whilst on the way to visit her sick mother, Elena loses control of her car after almost hitting a child in the middle of the road. She starts to experience violent and disturbing dreams, flashbacks of her own memories and some that are not. She investigates the story of the missing children, only to receive hostility from the parents. Her own traumatic childhood memories and secrets begin to surface, Elena starts to see connections in local tragedies.Elena returns to the scene of her accident and notices three kites in the skies above the woods. The story unravels as she investigates and comes face to face with the violent and heart-breaking truth.


March 13, 2019


"Onigokko"  by BChris

There are hundreds of stories about the dark world of the drug game. This is the eeriest one of all. This is a drug dealer’s nightmare. Follow the story of Jet Black, the most known unknown dealer in the history of distributing. He has high hopes of finally getting out of the dangerous underworld of drug dealing to start a new life with his fiancé, Zoey. Upon his final night, he gets persuaded to tag along on one last transaction with his partners Trey and Mike. Making an uneasy deal with a notorious drug lord, they set out to do business in a one-sided circumstance that will change Jets life for the worst as they come across a cursed brief case. Unaware of the consequences, Jet opens it and unleashes a horrific Oni demon from the darkest corners of a Japanese Hell. Pressure comes from all sides, as Jet has to find solutions to a deal gone horribly wrong, ruthlessness of dirty cops, and a creature out to devour him and everyone he knows and loves. He has to face the hardship of his unforgiving reality and a relentless creature of an obscure lore in order to survive the night. The consequence is for him to decide and accept. In order for him to escape, his very soul is what he must pay.