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August 16, 2019

Born A Queen

"Born A Queen: Practical Advice For Young African- American Females" by Dr. Angelise M Rouse

After years of being told that we are less than, it’s time to get out of the shadow and take our destiny into our own hands. African-American women are winning; we’re changing the negative stereotype they portray of us. Born A Queen: Practical Advice for Young African-American Females is a guide to help you join the conquering team. Dr. Angelise Rouse draws on decades of experience and the latest research to reveal a foundational approach offering practical advice in several areas of life where your decision making will be challenged. Personal growth, education, nutrition, family, and relationships are a few of the topics covered in this book to help you unpack the limiting mindsets that destroy your self-confidence and keep you from moving forward. You were Born A Queen. Get ready to put on your crown!


August 8, 2019


"SAUDI MONTANA" by Ibrahim Al-Rabiah

"Saudi Montana" is the true story of the marital relationship and subsequent child custody battle between my self (a Saudi Arabian citizen) and my ex-wife Janiffer (an American). On the surface, there are many differences between life in Saudi Arabia and America, and many people would surmise that a marital relationship between people from these two cultures would never last in the first place. However, Saudi, Montana shows that while the cultures are different, the people in general are much the same. We all love; we all hurt, and we all will do whatever we can for the welfare of our children. Such was the case between janiffer and me. Saudi, Montana reads like a novel and takes the readers through various stages of my life and relationship with janiffer. It shows not only the trying times that cracked our union, but also the happy times and how despite our Cultural differences, We were compatible, at least for a little while. Like most tragic romances between people of different cultures who start a family, Saudi, Montana also details the custody battle janiffer and I went through for our three children. Yet, the story stands alone in two important ways. First, I do not hide the fact that we both acted irrationally at times, and the story portrays the less than honorable hinges, we both did to gain custody of our children, including acts of lying and kidnapping. More important, however, Saudi, Montana is the first story that shows it is possible for a non-American father to gain custody of his children in the American Legal system. In fact, nding a lawyer to represent me in my case was a trying ordeal, as many attorneys told me that it was unheard of for a man from the Middle East to get Custody. The result is a story that shows the sometimes unspeakable acts parents will go through for their Children—all in the name of love.


July 29, 2019

Chinese Astrology for Love and Relationships

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"Chinese Astrology for Love and Relationships" by Althea S.T.

AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR Love. Relationship. Family. What’s the secret to finding a happy and fulfilling relationship? The secret is discovering who you are and whom you are not. Once you know more about yourself, you’ll know your love luck and the ways to improve your relationships, too. Learning Ba Zi Chinese astrology can help. Even if you’ve never studied this art before, you can learn by starting here. What are your strengths and weaknesses, when it comes to love and relationships? If you don’t know, you can easily fell into statistics, which says that 40-50% of married couples in US divorce! Knowing that the main reasons are lack of communications and unrealistic expectations, understand yourself and others, to develop better relationships. The invaluable information included in this book will shed light on the ways you love, which can increase your chance of establishing a successful relationship.


July 22, 2019

How To Communicate Through Love In Relationships

"How To Communicate Through Love In Relationships" by Jessica C. Jackson

Looking to fix communication issues in your relationship? This book is for you! Resolve and prevent arguing with your Husband with relevant Insight provided in this book. This book is for you! Resolve and prevent arguing with your Husband with relevant Insight provided in this book. Managing a relationship or marriage can sound easy enough, but learning how to live with your partner in a happy way and achieving all your goals is a critical element of successful relationships. It is important to consider the advice of professionals in the industry who always have good advice that guides couples towards making the right choices with regard to their future. This text offers an insight into some of the common problems experienced in relationships and offers advice based on suitable examples that the reader can relate with. The information is current and relies on the most recent research from some of the top universities in the country. The compilation of this text also takes into consideration the opinions of other couples that have experience challenges in their relationships but managed to find a way around them. There is a lot of advice with regard to how best couples can manage their relationship. There is practical advice on some of the approaches couples can use to resolve conflicts that exist among them. The text offers insight into some of the experiences of other couples and how best we can learn from them to make our own relationships successful.