May 30, 2019

Wicked Girl

"Wicked Girl: Psychological Crime Thriller" by  I. V. Olokita

"Even if a dog goes mad, it will always be a dog." So said a small white sign hung on a wall in Birmingham Mental Institution Ward number 3. It had a black frame, written in a hand they were all well acquainted with. The letters had faded over time. In the end, among all the calligraphy in the frame, one could detect a blurred signature. It was mine. John Wilcox is a young idler who loathes people except for young women. His destiny brought him near Birmingham Mental Institution during an earthquake. At that time Wilcox saves Elsie, an eccentric, half-deranged teenager. John pulls out every manipulation at his disposal to convince her that he is the right person to help her recover. Grey, Alessi's father, goes on a quest for his lost daughter. She, too, like her mother, was trying to escape him. And so, began the tragic story between prey, and it's supposed predator.


May 28, 2019

Hidden In Plain Sight

"Hidden In Plain Sight" by Tyrone F. Reeves

| Facebook | Instagram | This debut novel by Tyrone is expected to be first in a long line of novellas and has already received rave reviews from several insiders. Tyrone grew up in a home surrounded by several sisters, friends, and aunts and drew from his experiences to come up with creative plot ideas. “I am a romantic at heart and I love seeing people find true love,” the author said. “I remember listening to people sharing their stories of falling in love and thinking other people should hear this, and I think that was what inspired me to write this book.” In this deeply emotional novella, Tyrone captures the heart and soul of women who have no premonitions about falling in love only to see themselves swept up in a gale of romance. It is one that is sure to resonate with everyone who has ever fallen in love before in a heartbeat and looks fondly on that experience. “We are excited to start this new journey with Tyrone who is such an amazing and fascinating writer and we are really confident about our decision to publish HIDDEN IN PLAIN SITE,” says Boaz Moore, President of Moorehouse Publishing.


May 25, 2019

The Broad Gleaming

"The Broad Gleaming (The Midway books)" by Jack A Rabbit

In this novel we meet Alison Wheaton & Charlie Dunn, a couple who are very much in love. Alison has survived cancer but only just, she came very close to passing away. The story begins shortly after Alison’s brush with death. The couple are taking an extended sabbatical in a small Icelandic town called Husavik. It is a chance for them to reconnect as a couple and for Charlie to finish his second novel. The story is about a couple finding their way back normality; that is until Alison starts to suspect that something is not quite right. ​ What begins as a romance slides into an odd, dreamlike surrealist fantasy that leaves Alison questioning what is either the strangeness of the world, or her loose grip on reality. Alison – who is the type of girl to pull at lose threads – soon realises that this particular loose thread, the one she is intent on pulling in this snowy landscape, could unravel her whole world. Meanwhile, back in Coventry young Jessica Kirkpatrick has finally plucked up the courage to leave her abusive boyfriend. There have been a few odd incidents lately that have slowly woken her up to the reality of her situation, not least of which was when a strange elfin character led her through a crowd, pointed out a book and then disappeared around the autobiography section. That book, was written by Charles Dunn and the story of a man trying to break free of his abusive partner was so familiar to her that it became the push she needed.


May 22, 2019

That Thing Between Us

"That Thing Between Us" by Martin Schuelbe

She was the tomboy that fell out of a tree, and he was the boy that stayed with her until help came. Sean and Paige had been in each other's lives since they were little, and when high school was coming to its end, they realized that they didn't want their friendship to as well. Years later, both of them are face to face with fears and challenges that are keeping them from discovering true freedom, love, and happiness. Their only hope is to get through it together, but that means being honest about how they really feel about each other.