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April 19, 2019

Bikes Cars And Thoughts From Mars

"Bikes Cars And Thoughts From Mars" by Michael W J Wilgar

| Website | Bikes, Cars and Thoughts From Mars is Michael W J Wilgar’s evocative and refreshing memoir that’s a must-read for anyone born in the 1970s. Packed with scenic motorcycle adventures and coming of age memories, stories of friendship, fatherhood and family relationships, loss and laughter, this is an unforgettable depiction of his life so far. He shares his diverse anecdotes with relish, honesty and humour, to create the kind of read that stays with you long after the book is finished. From his early childhood in Northern Ireland, the broken bone stories, and the toys he played with to his first bicycle and the youth club discos, there is much in here to bring a smile to any ‘70s child. His lifelong love of motorcycles has enabled him to enjoy escapades without circumnavigating the globe and forge biker friendships which last forever. What stands out most in this entertaining memoir is the author’s wry sense of humour, plenty of which is sprinkled throughout the book. He offers ‘Sound Advice’ to other bikers and shares his personal insight into the BBC’s ‘Top Gear’ programme (both past and present versions) – both of which will provoke a reaction from even the most tight-lipped people. If you’re an avid memoir reader you will thoroughly enjoy Wilgar’s chatty, warm and articulate writing style, and by the final page you’ll feel like you know him inside out.


February 26, 2019

Coaching Youth Baseball

"Coaching Youth Baseball" by Jim Bain

If you are serious about becoming the best baseball coach you can be and acquiring the knowledge to teach the skills of how to play the game of baseball at an extremely high level, Coaching Youth Baseball is your key to success. This well-written, easily understood training manual is the accumulation of over 40 years of playing, being professionally coached and coaching baseball teams at expert levels of “Traveling Teams,” Division I College Baseball, and a grueling route through the professional minor system up to the Major League level. This manual is not your typical hit, run, throw instruction book, although those basic instructional books are extremely beneficial as a starting point. Coaching Youth Baseball reiterates basic skills, but intentionally quickly gears the subject matter to developing higher skill levels based off the basic skill.


January 10, 2019

Barking Mad

"Barking Mad: Baffled in Britain - Book 1" by  Andi Linn

This book started out as an entertainment diary for my ailing dad and my children when I moved to England with my new British husband. Growing up in a desert in Washington state, the story snowballed into a funny weekly blog, fill with anxiety, laughs and an unwilling, yet enjoyable history lessons. Having struggled with Panic Disorder for 15 years, this is also a tribute to living with it.


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June 14, 2018

Why You Can’t Make Free Throws

“Why You Can’t Make Free Throws The Mental, The Myth, and The Make” by  Keith Coleman

| Website | Facebook | Twitter | Did you know that the average basketball team misses between eight and ten free throws in a single game? That equates to an overall loss of 12 to 14 points, where the average margin of victory in a basketball game is only 11.3 points. This book will dive into the problems that players encounter with free throws, why free throws aren’t improving, why the typical approach to improving free throws doesn’t work, and finally: the one method that does work. Whether you’re a player looking to improve your free throw accuracy, a coach looking to find a good way to teach your players proper free throws, or a basketball enthusiast just curious about why your favorite players can’t make a free throw shot to save their lives, this book is for you.


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