Chinese Astrology for Love and Relationships

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July 29, 2019
Finding Elenore
July 30, 2019

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“Chinese Astrology for Love and Relationships” by Althea S.T.


Love. Relationship. Family.
What’s the secret to finding a happy and fulfilling relationship?

The secret is discovering who you are and whom you are not. Once you know more about yourself, you’ll know your love luck and the ways to improve your relationships, too.

Learning Ba Zi Chinese astrology can help.

Even if you’ve never studied this art before, you can learn by starting here.

What are your strengths and weaknesses, when it comes to love and relationships? If you don’t know, you can easily fell into statistics, which says that 40-50% of married couples in US divorce! Knowing that the main reasons are lack of communications and unrealistic expectations, understand yourself and others, to develop better relationships.

The invaluable information included in this book will shed light on the ways you love, which can increase your chance of establishing a successful relationship.

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