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September 30, 2020
Snow In Love
October 20, 2020

“CHOCOLATE FRIDAY: The Chocolate Romance Series!” by Edwina Martin-Arnold

The Chocolate Romance Series!

A foreign phrase to sedate, English professor, Olivia Anderson, unless one was referring to food and such. However, Olivia learns the erotic meaning when she is enticed to take a walk on the wild side and attends an all male revue with a distinct urban edge.

There, hidden desires are brought forth especially by one dancer known only as Flava. Returning from her adventure only slightly singed, Professor Anderson gets the shock of her life the first day of the semester when none other than Flava is sitting front and center in her classroom.

From that point on, Olivia’s world becomes a roller coaster ride of self-discovery where she will either face her deepest fears and possibly discover the love of her life or endure great anguish!

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