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November 29, 2019
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December 4, 2019

“Diary You & Me” by Shaheen R Kazi

If you can love a wrong person so deeply…

So how much love will have for a right person!!

“Diary You & Me” is a inner voice of that soul where we truly belong to it. Love has different forms of variations, loving someone is not a sin it is pure essence which only you can feel. To love someone conditions are not applied, we have to accept the circumstances or situations along with it. Love can happen in any age; with any one as long as your feelings are respected. If your love is not accepted by someone it is hurtful, some forget their love and decide to move on and some are still stuck somewhere in their life shredded their tears and started bleeding their pain on paper.

“Diary You & Me” is a collection of various emotions’ about Love, First Love, Incomplete Love & Pain in Love. These are poems of moments which are alive in all of us. No matter where we are today or with whom we are sharing our life.

A fantastic collection of poems for everyone who was in love, were in love & will fall in love.

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