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February 2, 2021
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February 4, 2021

“Dreams: Soul-Centered Living in the 21st Century” by Laura V Grace, PhD

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Envision waking from a dream that felt “big” and being able to understand why the characters, images, and even landscapes appeared and what they are specifically communicating to you. What if you were able to unearth how your dreams can improve your relationships, raise your consciousness and illuminate your life’s purpose? And what if you discovered how nightmares are supportive messages that can help you transform past fears into present insights?

Dreams: Soul-Centered Living in the 21st Century is essential for everyone who is curious about the profound realm of dreams. It leads you on an exciting journey while accelerating your personal, professional and soulful evolution. Laura Grace, Ph.D. provides cutting edge awareness and guidance in exploring your dreams, including:

  • Seven Steps for Total Dream Recall
  • Connecting with Dream Images through Active Imagination and Amplification
  • Experiencing the Divine Marriage of the Anima/Animus
  • Six Essential Keys for Underscoring the Force of Your Dreams
  • The Power of Synchronicity and Waking Dreaming™
  • Healing Physical Pain with Somatic Dream Expression™

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