Emily’s Gift

True Art of Poetry
November 2, 2021
The Devil Is In The Details
November 5, 2021

“Emily’s Gift” by Bruno Darkheart

“In your dreams, you searched for your escape from the world, to find internal peace. I have been in here, inside of you all along”.

Along the embankments of Southern France is a lovely village full of adventure. As Emily, the local book seller weavers her way into the hearts of the children through literature, she also tries her hand at love and friendship. Through a chance encounter in the bookstore, Emily and Athena quickly become friends.

When Emily goes to the United States to surprise Athena, she finds her missing. And to find her, she must go on a magical journey beyond her wildest dreams.

As Emily travels along her path, she learns more about herself and the people who love her than she’s ever known. Will she ever find her friend? Will she rescue her from the darkness that surrounds her?

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