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November 12, 2018
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“Emotional Intelligence: Improve Your EQ and Interpersonal Skills” by William Kallisto

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Today’s world is fast-paced, competitive and chaotic. We haven’t evolved emotionally to take on this new reality of things, and our mental and emotional health is left in the dust to play catch-up. Most of us haven’t learned how to deal with our emotions and those of other people, leaving us frustrated with them.

It is one thing to know what EQ is, but using it is another different matter, one that many author overlook. In this book, William Kallisto gets rid of the filler and reveals effective tools that can help us manage our emotions and understand the emotions of others in order to better understand, communicate and if need be, lead them. 

Through lucid explanations, you will see why emotional intelligence is as important as its well-known counterpart (IQ) and gives us an entirely new perspective on what being smart means.

Here’s what you’re going to discover in this book:

•Five general skills categories of EQ
•Why EQ is important
•How to respond to and effectively deal with difficult people
•The box breathing exercise to help you handle intense emotions
•Superb tips for developing your emotional intelligence
•Two debilitating things to avoid if you want to improve your eq
•…and more!

Insightful and practical, Emotional Intelligence is a book that is chock-full with actionable tips, strategies and techniques to help you improve your EQ and confidently navigate the world

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