Endless Possibilities

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June 7, 2019
June 9, 2019

“Endless Possibilities: The new science of living an extraordinary life” by Kelvin Okogeri

Endless Possibilities is one of the rare books that reveals the perspective of exponential living.The book featured deep formulas of life and greatness, like The formula of “Superimposition,” The “Mindset Shift” formula,The formula of Origin,Formula of “Supernatural Connection,” “Realization formula” “Paradigm Shift” formula and more.The book merged wisdom, psychology, cosmic intelligence, spiritual truths, and practical suggestions on how to develop, improve and position oneself for greatness, and for a higher echelon success.The author lavished a great measure of mysterious captivating insights in the book. He revealed the power of creative imagination and how to consciously capture life in riches, blessing and bliss.What you will learn from reading this Book•How not to be average.•How to live intentionally and extraordinarily.•How to influence the “larger than life” experience.•How to attract total bliss into your life.•How to influence people and wealth.The Book Was Created To•To change the way people think.•To impact lives.•To help heal the mind, body, and emotions of others.•To help people become their greatness.•To change the narrative and cause a paradigm shift.•To reveal the author’s story and inspire people•To reveal the truth and help others find the truth about themselves.This Book Is Meant ForThose who had, so far, found neither the opportunity nor means of overcoming the “agonizing average life.”It’s for those who seek results and not philosophies.It’s for those looking for proof of possibilities and evidence.It’s for those searching for hope, love, happiness, motivation, power, authority, wisdom etc.It’s for those afraid to rise in their “hero suit.”It’s for those suffering from complex, stigmatization, humiliation, glossophobia, etc.It is for those enslaved by their own inner shame and guilt.It is intended for those going through depression, anxiety, restlessness, mental injuries and mindset issues.It is written for intending CEOs, Champions, Entrepreneurs, Goal-Getters, Leaders and High Performers.This book is also meant for winners who are on the verge of a wipe out.

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