Ephemeris: The Coveter

Making it Through the Storm
June 4, 2019
Cocky Kids
June 6, 2019

“Ephemeris: The Coveter” by Caitlin Rattan

Dion, the god prince of Elo, feels he deserves to inherit the throne and receive the Blessing, his ancestors’ powerful relic. However, his father, King Ranu, finds him incompetent. In order to ascend to the throne, Dion must meet conditions placed by his father, else he will remain a prince and be the first heir to be denied the Blessing and the throne. Dion’s situation worsens when Devidra, a demon slayer, and her son, Mashashra, enter his life and win Ranu’s favor. Will Dion comply with his father’s conditions and inherit his ancestors’ relic or will he choose his own destiny?

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