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July 15, 2019
Escape From Samsara
July 18, 2019

“FATAL FLIP: A Home Renovator Mystery” by M. E. Bakos

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Flipping houses can be fatal!
When thirty-five-year-old, widowed Katelyn, gets fired from Colossal Health, she takes BFF Myra’s advice to follow her passion. She becomes a Home Rehab Specialist in fictional Crocus Heights, Minnesota.

Her ninety-day plan to turn distressed properties into cash and career fulfillment veers towards deadly when she finds a body in her first project. Attractive, muscular, blue-eyed Sheriff Don Williams suspects Katelyn. After all, it’s her house.

Meanwhile, ex-husband Eddy, (it’s complicated) is back in her life and sleeping on her sofa. One mystery leads to another when Katelyn’s snooty neighbor, Ariel, is discovered dead in the bathtub. Could any of the townhome residents have killed Ariel?

Between keeping her stray cat, Boots, in kibble, herself in pizza and good coffee, Katelyn works survival jobs as she unravels the puzzle of who leaves bodies in abandoned houses, and why.

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