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February 27, 2021
Love: What It Is, What It Is Not
February 28, 2021

“Fifty Things I Love About My Wife” by Keshav Jha

Based upon the positive and loving experience of the author’s 27-year relationship with his wife, this definitive book offers time-proven, intimately developed, basic and simple principles for rejuvenating and growing any marriage relationship. It is essential reading for all who wish to develop practical strategies to connect with our spouse, grow together in strength, and reinforce family values to create a lasting family legacy.
This is an easy-to-read book, written in a fascinating and visually entertaining memoir style, and embellished with many personal photographs and anecdotes. The text chronicles the evolution of the real-life love story behind Keshav’s and Ishpreet’s romance, and exemplifies 16 proven principles of love which have sustained the couple’s togetherness and formed a strong foundation for their long lasting and fulfilling relationship.
Readers will find great benefit from the wealth of experience revealed, and will be gently steered through the process of reconnecting, and maintaining, their own emotional relationships through fundamental advice on:
• Understanding your life-partner better
• Creating a deeper connection with your spouse
• Making your relationship thrive, rather than just survive
• Communicating clearly to reduce confusion or misunderstandings
• Dealing effectively with relationship frustrations to avoid negative emotional build-up
• Practicing forgiveness and compassion toward your partner
• Empowering your life-partner by making him or her feel more valued and cared for
• Creating an attitude of gratitude towards your spouse for a more fulfilling relationship
• Making your spouse feel respected, loved, and accepted
• Resolving conflicts to build a more peaceful and loving relationship
• Addressing your partner’s insecurities to build a more trusting relationship
• Appreciating each other’s differences and enjoying loving harmony.

The guiding principles laid down in this book are simply and sincerely expressed in love and gratitude, and will have a profound impact on couples eager to learn more fruitful techniques to love and respect their life-partners in ways that are appreciated by them. By applying these powerful, valuable, and effective strategies, couples will be drawn to sustain and grow their close relationships to become more loving, grateful, trustworthy, forgiving, appreciative and accepting of their life-partner, resulting in greater harmony, happiness and joy.

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