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July 29, 2019
Intermittent Fasting 16/8
July 31, 2019

“Finding Elenore” by P.W. Hazeldine

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A ravishing romance that will melt your heart, make you cry and laugh out loud.

Journalist Alex Harper sets off to Italy’s mouth-watering Tuscan landscape and the holiday home of his late father to write a novel.
It’s the first time he has been since his death and on arrival his life is turned upside down. He discovers his dad, Harry, had been hatching a plan to rekindle the relationship between Alex and first love Elenore Digby.
Twenty-five years earlier family life stole Alex and Elenore’s love. Fourteen years-ago tragedy put their love on hold.
Now, will it be third time lucky for the soulmates. His dead father hopes so.
Can Harry work his magic from beyond the grave to make his dying wish come true? Or, will fate cruelly intervene again?

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