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April 22, 2019
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April 26, 2019

“Flight United 999” by Enthrallo Vercificus

Flight United 999, “A mesmerising read and a psychological experience that will have you questioning the world as you know it.”

Dealing with life can be tough especially when you find yourself in tragic situations. In Flight United 999 you are drawn in by the interaction of likeable characters thrust into a situation that would test their responses when weighed under the pressure of an impending doom. This puzzling fictional enigma largely focuses on the experience of two close brothers from America who are on their way to London for vacation. They board the United 999 and during the course of the flight everything goes south. Just when you think you’ve made sense of the journey as you progress through the chapters, you are hit with more mind boggling findings and outcomes that will leave you bedazzled. Set in a fictional representation of the year 2023, Flight United 999 is a must read for those who crave the mystery of a thriller.

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