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January 14, 2021
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January 23, 2021

“Getting Out: My Story Plus The Exercises And Experience I Learned That Can Help You Get Out From The Wheelchair” by Greg Siofer

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GETTING OUT is designed for those who are wheelchair bound, physically unable to walk, to speed up the healing process. Written by Greg Siofer, a man who suffered a near catastrophic health setback but with the help of invaluable physiotherapists and physicians as well as his personal blend of grit and tenacity, found a way forward.

His experiences are detailed in this book to provide a proven roadmap for you to follow as you begin the recovery process.

Inside, you’ll discover:

Tips, tools, and techniques that will guide you through recovery and rehabilitation.

Personal anecdotes that will resonate with anyone who has experienced a loss of mobility.

Descriptions and instructions of physio exercises that will help you prep for therapy.

And more!

No matter where you are or what your prognosis is, you can benefit from reading this book. It will arm you with knowledge, insights, and a sense of belonging after your life has been thrown into physical and emotional turmoil.

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