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November 13, 2019
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November 15, 2019

“Holly for Christmas” by Lisa Prysock

Calvin, a workaholic billionaire from Montana, decides to slow down and take some time off before Thanksgiving and through Christmas. What better location than The Sweetwater River Ranch Resort where he’s also an investor? The Wyoming ranch even has a private air strip where his private jet can land. He can relax in a gorgeous log cabin, maybe take some time to ride horses, and spend time thinking about his future for a change. The last thing he expects is for someone to abandon a baby at his cabin door. He doesn’t know the first thing about babies.

Holly is tired of family dysfunction and the town she comes from in Ohio. She loves her job as a newspaper reporter, but her best friend recently moved to Wyoming, and Holly is aching for a chance to try something new and different with her life, too. All she’s ever known is Ohio. Where exactly her best friend moved to in Wyoming is troubling her, but when she lands a job in central Wyoming as a newspaper columnist writing the small town column she’s always wanted to write, she takes a chance and packs her bags on a whim and a prayer. She’s convinced there’s a story not far away about that abandoned baby. If anyone can find the truth, she can—but where will the truth lead?

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