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November 4, 2019
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November 9, 2019

“How to Have a Good Day: Make the Saying “Have a Good Day” a Reality” by Rev. Lionel Merritt

Every so often people end a chat or note with the farewell expression, “Have a good day.” Happily, we accept, but go our different ways to live “normal life”: lives of frustration, stress, fears, and disappointments. Normal life is anything but good. Why is this? Most people do not know how to have good days.
Yet, as the research shows, it is so easy to have good days. We simply apply some core principles. In this book, Lionel Merritt, (minister, counselor, and life coach) explains the principles in an easy to understand way. How to Have a Good Day therefore put within our reach the good days people wish us. We desperately want to live such days in these trying times. Whatever your circumstances, you can live good days. Follow the advice and suggestions in this book and you will.
My Friend, take this first to live good days.

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