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July 22, 2019
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July 25, 2019

“Inspiration: How to Embrace Personal Growth, Trust, Positive Thinking and Self-Esteem” by Pixie Walker

Use These Powerful Words To Immediately Eliminate Negative Thought Today!

An old man made the journey with his young son. The father and son had a single small donkey: in turn, they were taken by the donkey and relieved of the fatigue of the path. While the father was being carried and the son proceeded with his feet, the passers-by mocked them: they said a dying old man and useless while saving his health, makes a handsome young man sick.

The old man jumped down and put his son in his place. The crowd of wayfarers muttered: a lazy and very healthy young man while indulging his laziness, kills his frail father. He, overcome with shame, forces his father to get on the donkey. Thus they are both brought from the single quadruped: the muttering of passers-by and indignation grows because two people mounted a single small animal.
The father and son go down and proceed on foot with the free donkey. Yes, they hear everyone’s scorn and laughter mocking their decision once again. Then the father said: See son: nothing is approved by all; now we will return to our old way of behaving by believing in our mindset less we get distracted with what the people are saying.

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