January 29, 2021
Off the Pages
January 31, 2021

“It started When I Kissed Her Tears” by Luke Logan

Following her husband’s infidelity, cruelty and involvement with narcotics, Sara is forced to flee their successful bar in Spain and seeks security in the arms of an old friend, a counter terrorism police officer. Her life is under threat, will she survive? – is Jacob able to provide the protection she so desperately needs?

Sara joins Jacob in his Essex home while seeking to re-establish her life in the UK. Unbeknown to her, she is the intended victim of a murder plot associated with missing money owed to a drug smuggling cartel.

Two determined villains, who have followed Sara from Spain, inflict terror and murder on a sleepy Essex community. They will stop at nothing until Sara is taken care of and the missing money is reclaimed. Good, decent people remain under threat, their peaceful rural community is about to change.  A hitherto chaste married barmaid of a local Pub becomes the willing sexual plaything for one of the pursuers. However, his partner in crime, a convicted armed bank robber, has psychotic issues – he hates women, an innocent young girl loses her life.

These perpetrators must be apprehended before they get to Sara and inflict their revenge.

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