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November 19, 2019
November 23, 2019

“Jailbird” by JD Horner

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The ‘artist’ dream remains exactly that.Spice is making HMP Broadhurst impossible to police.Greg is a loser.Kids? Yeah, right.No wonder prison officer Charlotte Croft is beginning to feel like she is the one who is incarcerated. But a close friend reminds her – doves aren’t meant to be caged. And unlike him, she’s on the right side of the bars. Charlotte’s barely had chance to spread her wings when the violent attack on her brother crash lands her into lawyer Vinny’s life. Yet, nothing is going to stop her. Not the intense connection they share. Not when he has a wife. Not the fact her prison life and his top case are linked. Not how she’s left questioning who else is corrupt. Not even a broken heart.About the only thing Charlotte Croft is sure of is this:she only has one life…and she is going to live it. But everything has a price, even freedom. Just how much will she pay for hers?With more twists than a helter skelter, this heart-warming thriller of a love story will have you turning from the first page to the last.

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