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Journey of Love is a spiritual love novel blended with the resolution of the secrets and blockages in our subconscious with the theta healing technic.
Journey of Love is the story of passion, of the ones who converted themselves for the sake of love and of the ones whose path goes through love.
Have you ever been to a journey that would change your life?
Have you ever not come back from a road you have taken?
Did you come across with your other half, the presence of which you might not ever know?
Have you ever been completed?
Have you ever started your own revolution and surrendered your own self in order to become “one and complete”?
Who were you before love and who did you become after love?
While giving birth to your own self, how strange and affectionate were you to the labour pains?
“You need to be ready to meet yourself if you are in love,” says Journey Of Love. “You should come together with yourself before you meet your love,” it says. “Love is a journey,” it says, “but that journey shall be to yourself first”.
Journey Of Love starts with Mihman’s journey, an astrophotograper living in Istanbul, to the Sahara Desert to photo the stars. But in fact, this journey is to Mihman’s own life rather to the desert. Mihman falls in love with Sahara in the Sahara Desert and that’s how Journey of Love turns into the story of a deep and demanding love being pursued in Turkey, Italy and Morocco.
“This story started with the journey to the Sahara. Although it started with the journey to the Sahara, it went on with a lost traveller who couldn’t come back from the Sahara. When the road turned towards his inside, he realized that each loss is a finding.

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