Just Yesterday

The Haunting of Sky Hollow
March 5, 2022
Eve Awakening
March 11, 2022

“Just Yesterday” by  Kenyatta Deloach

“It seems like just yesterday when I walked past a stranger and smiled, they could see my pretty white teeth, and I could tell if they were smiling back at me.”Life is different for everyone these days. Kids especially have weathered a storm of changes. Just yesterday, they were attending fairs, playing sports with their families, cheering them on. As they were told they could no longer do these things. They had to stay home and inside, away from others. Birthday parties were missed, and cousins were only there on a screen. This reminiscent story will tug at the heart while offering a sense of unity for young readers in a poetic and soothing writing style. Just Yesterday will help kids recognize they are not alone in their frustration and loneliness due to the pandemic. Thanks to the memories laid out; they can understand even if it feels as if they are the only ones dealing with current restrictions; they are not. Together let us hope that each day will get better, and our children will look back and say, “It seems like just yesterday; I had to stay home from school and couldn’t see my friends.” Together, we hope they will hug their grandparents, go to church, and dribble across the basketball court with their teammates without masks once again.

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