January 10, 2020
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January 13, 2020

“KETO MEAL PREP IDEAS: Quick & Easy Recipes for Busy Dieters” by Emmi B. Townsend

Meals That Are Ready In 30 minutes or less!

  • Have You Wanted To Start A Keto Diet But You Are Just Too Busy?
  • Are you looking to Lose Weight And Keep It Off?
  • Looking To Kick Start Your Weight Loss In The New Year?

Have you been Going Keto for a few weeks now?

If yes, you probably have struggled to maintain the lifestyle. And that is why you are here.

You are not alone.

It is common for people on Keto to struggle with this diet. In fact, research shows that it is unsustainable for many.

Going Keto for a while now, you might already have realized that:

1. Daily eating becomes a math equation.

2. You make a lot of extra decisions about what you can and cannot eat.

And doing these every day takes a huge chunk of your time. You might be thinking, “Keto might not be the most suitable diet for busy people like me.”

Despite this, you are not giving up. Not when you made it this far.

In an effort to continue what you started, you look for ways to ease your Keto life. And so, you made it here.

In this cookbook, I aim to help Keto dieters keep up with their hectic schedules. I compiled over 40 meals that you can make in less than 30 minutes.

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