March 13, 2019
The Curse Of The Priestess
March 15, 2019

“lol : first time to be a hero” by Mohammed Nasser

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Mack King, a very skilled martial art practitioner who lives with his mother in a simple house. His father’s drunkenness and womanizing had resulted into divorcing his wife. He has a brother (Reed King) who choose to live with his rich father who remarried. Mack who was jobless acquired a job as a bodyguard where his duty was to guard his boss’s daughter, Linda. Mack has decided never to leave his brother, who has a heart problem. Mack, on a fateful day took his brother out bowling, but they came across a twist of fate when a group of bullies invaded the bowling arena which led to rowdiness of the place however resulting to a sudden heart attack to Reed requiring him to have a heart transplant immediately. With the help of a doctor, he succeeded in sneaking in his brother in order to give him necessary treatment before the main operation but unfortunately, the hospital they were in has been seized by a terrorist group led by Kizo and partnered by Xyla (a very skilled lady). Unavoidably, Mack got involved and fought against the terrorists, as he needs to save his brother.

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