September 23, 2021
October 17, 2021

“Love Chronicles: Silent Lies” by Cierra Wynn

Davis knows he’s the bad guy, but Rachel might be too tempting to refuse…
The past never seems to leave Davis alone. For now, keeping his head down and his walls up seems like the only way to survive… until she walks into his life.
The one thing he knows for sure; he’ll possess her heart, body, and soul.
Rachel might be rich, but she’s no stranger to pain, betrayal, and danger.
Davis might be the personification of all three, but she’s sure she sees some good in him. If her goodness isn’t enough to balance out the beast in him, she’ll face a monster she’s not ready for. Their chemistry is undeniable, but the little voice inside warning her of danger won’t silence.
Escaping his love might destroy her, but loving him might cost her everything.

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