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September 3, 2019
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September 8, 2019

“Love Infused Pregnancy: Your Guide to A Conscious Pregnancy” by Pradnya Vernekar

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This book is the author’s attempt at sharing her story of child conception and how a miracle was brought into this world. It is filled with her personal journey through pregnancy and every ritual which helped her lead a love infused life. Pregnancy can be stressful, and the author hopes this book helps you let go of the stress and create your own beautiful pregnancy story. May this book assist you in creating your own personalized routine, that which is best for you and the growing life inside you. Hope it helps in providing your baby not with just nutritious food but also enriching the baby at a physical, emotional and soul level.

And then when you take your miracle in your hands, deep inside you will know and feel that you did everything possible to teach this tiny life what ‘love’ actually means through this book!

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