Love Letters To My Future Bride And Wife To Be

The Weave Shop
June 15, 2020
Terminal Frivolity
June 20, 2020

“Love Letters To My Future Bride And Wife To Be” by Christopher D Handy

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This book is a collection of Love Letters written specifically to My future Bride and Wife to Be. I decided to write these letters now, because I want her to have a firsthand look into my heart. I want her to see a man who’s not afraid to express himself or show the woman he intends to marry how much he will love her, cherish her, be devoted to her, and willing to spend the rest of his life with her building a life and a family together. I not only wanted her to read these words but to feel them, as they poured from my heart to hers, because they were written especially for you, my future bride and wife to be.

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