Love Under a Nuclear Spyglass

The Shifter’s Wish
May 20, 2019
That Thing Between Us
May 22, 2019

“Love Under a Nuclear Spyglass” by Charles R. Allen

They couldn’t run away from climate change or be secure in a shelter following a nuclear explosion.

Steve was a System Analysis working in the National Security Administration located inside of Fort Meade in Maryland. Handsome, charming, professional, and perhaps naïve.

Susan, with her Playboy figure and charm, maybe his seducer or his best secretary. However, one or both of them fell in love and were attempting to play security agents by concealing their activities.

Their demise would be an investigation of a spy or a treasonous individual. Perhaps, but Steve suffered from a series of factual dreams depicting nuclear disaster and climate change. His dreams, if disclosed, would cost him his security clearance because he would be labeled a security risk.

There still was the fact that nuclear war would occur before anything else was brought to light. Climate change may take much longer to develop.

The question was, who or what would crumble first: their love, climate change, or the exchange of nuclear devices.

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