Off the Pages

It started When I Kissed Her Tears
January 29, 2021
Raven Miller Project
February 2, 2021

Off the Pages” by Alejandro Gonzalez

Comic book-style superpowers become real in the ordinary modern world, and a group of comic book nerds have to fight a false prophet who has created a fake Jesus who is killing massive numbers of people and is amassing millions of followers.

Manny is a working stiff who escapes from the everyday grind by reading comic books, watching anime, and playing video games. His superhero fantasy becomes real when a bizarre light show erupts in the sky worldwide, and he is one of the many who gain powers. Unfortunately, real life isn’t a comic book, and when a preacher creates a false messiah, millions of people are forced to make a potentially civilization-threatening choice. Now a handful of out-of-their-depth nerds must stand up to evil. But how do you stand up to evil, when that evil wears the face of the most recognizable figure in history?

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