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November 29, 2020
The Burden of Sweetberry
December 6, 2020

“Once Dark: A Dark Psychological Thriller and Supernatural Novel” by Asher Blaise

For fans of the Dresden Files, Shayne Silvers, Sam and Dean Winchester, M.D. Massey, and Hunter Blain

Arinna seems to be trapped in a world full of darkness. While trying to escape her past, and the terrible thing she’s done, she finds herself looking dread in the face time after time. Something about her just seems to carry a black cloud wherever she goes, everyone is unlucky in her presence.

Dean tried to teach Arinna about the demons, about the marks, but she can’t seem to understand how these symbols keep finding her. Someone, or something, wants to get to her, and it’s becoming clear, they’ll stop at nothing until they do.

She is faced with the realization of who she really is, who Dean has turned her into; all the while trying to find a way out. Is she losing her mind, just like she thought Dean was? Is there someone lurking in the shadows every turn she makes? Or is it all just in her head?

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