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February 21, 2019
February 23, 2019

Out of the Ashes: A Wounded Daughter’s Diary” by Tyra Hodge

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Deanna’s life has gone up in flames. Can she trade in the ashes for beauty? Can her ashes turn her into Phoenix? You’ll have to find out in this rags to righteousness story.

About the Author:

Tyra Hodge is a Christian author, educator, and motivational speaker Tyra was a homeless mother when God intervened and delivered her spiritually and physically. As God provided means for her to attend college, she earned a master’s degree in education and is now pursuing her doctoral degree. Further, Hodge founded the nonprofit, Parenting Connections and Hodge Publishing. Currently, an educator specializing in at-risk students, she is a published author of two additional novels: A Wounded Daughter’s Diary, a book about the love of the heavenly Father and true forgiveness, and Don’t Date Him, a witty book on dating and relationships. The newest is God’s Plan for Black America, a book about stopping the division in our country.

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