Parables, Dreams & Encounters

Wild Sun
June 28, 2019
Putting Down the Bottle
June 30, 2019

“Parables, Dreams & Encounters: Understanding God’s Language and Symbols for your Discernment, Deliverance and Destiny!” by Jacquie Robinson

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Understanding each dream is like reading a page from a book about your life revealing your past, present and destiny even years or decades in advance. This #1 Bestseller 3-in-1 book, released June 2019, presents an in-depth Bible based view of the Parabolic Voice and Language of God for non-dreamers, beginners and experienced dreamers. It has multiple symbols and teaches the process for dream interpretations. Learn to discern true or false prophetic words and new teachings, see, hear and discern in the Spirit, and how to release spiritual warfare prayer responses to supernatural encounters, dark dreams and nightmares. The author shares over forty personal dreams and encounters, along with analysis, interpretation and Scriptures for instruction.

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