Always Welcome
April 1, 2019
A Ghost in the Attic
April 2, 2019


Imagine what it would feel like, to be tormented by constantly feeling like you were on the verge of orgasm but not having any control over it yourself? How you would feel, if you felt the constant urge to orgasm knowing that the refractory period would only be temporary, might not even occur, and the feeling remains or even gets worse than before the orgasm. What would it would mean for you? to be constantly distracted by that throbbing feeling in your genitals (also at night) and be unable to concentrate on anything else. What would that mean for your daily functioning and what impact that would have on your well-being. What it would feel like, having to explain these symptoms to your partner, family, friends or a totally ignorant doctor. How it must feel to risk being stigmatised as an ‘oversexed pervert’ or ‘potential psychiatric patient’, just by being open about your physical symptoms? Let the women in this book tell you about the dire consequences of being a prisoner in your own body , their feelings of disgust, shame and guilt and how this debilitating condition rules their life.

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